Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Priscilla Cahoon Home

For our Dixie Diva night meeting we met at the Priscilla Cahoon home. Priscilla is very well known in St. George for her contributions in preserving the history of the area. She and her husband are the authors of the book "Utah's Dixie Birthplace".

Priscilla and her late husband Harold built this house in Washington, Utah in 1976. Since that time they have filled their home, called The Nauvoo House, with artifacts they have collected from their travels all over the world.

Harold used to be President of Interstate Brick in Salt Lake City, and the the home and grounds are lined with brick. The Cahoons are also the ones who helped implement the bricks that are given as gifts in Nauvoo, Illinois.

At age 86, Priscilla still takes care of this large home and does all the gardening herself.
She is full of enthusiasm and energy, and I hope to be able to do half of what she does when I am her age.

The family room was full of so many interesting things, each one with a wonderful story.

Harold collected antique guns.

The rooms are lined with shelves to hold all the collectibles.

Priscilla has gathered hats from all over the world. One was directly purchased off the head of a Peruvian woman. Another is an authentic beaver hat. The red one was a Flamingo Hat.

Priscilla wore some of the hats to show us the many styles. Wouldn't her home make a great place to put together costumes?

For those of you who showcase vintage items, look at this spinning wheel next to an antique rocker.

The upstairs serves as a dormitory for when grandchildren visit.

This is a quilt that the Cahoon's children presented to them on their 50th wedding anniversary. Each picture depicts a special part of their relationship
Priscilla is also a quilter. Here are a few of the things she has made.

A closet full of her quilts.
And awards for her quilts.

This is a picture of the car Harold and Priscilla sat in the day he proposed in 1941.
Her herb garden in the back yard.
Before we left, Priscilla offered us refreshments. Notice the fresh flowers from the garden that she displayed with the food. I can tell Priscilla can pretty up any item.
It was delightful to have a tour of the Cahoon home this evening, and especially to get to know Priscilla. I also understand the history of our area much better.


Janet said...

What a terific post, I enjoyed hearing about Priscilla and seeing parts of the home. She surely must be a living treaure.

Lurline said...

It would take hours to really absorb and appreciate the details in this Post, thanks so much!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Jackie said...

I love days like that, learning about someone. History is a great thing. It sounds like Priscilla is a wonderful woman and you all had a great time taking it all in.

Dawn said...

What a beautiful home!! Priscilla sure has a treasure-trove!! I love the dorm for the grandkids.

dotti white said...

Priscilla is an amazing woman. I am so impressed with her work. Thanks for sharing the history. When my kids were at home, I always thought the idea of a dormitory was so fun--never quite worked but it would be wonderful for grandchildren! Nedra, you share very interesting peopel. Thank you so much! Have a great week!

Gayle said...

Nedra - Is this the lady who took your rug hooking class? The one who doesn't drive? Her home is lovely and it looks like you had a great day. I had 8 rug hookers in my back yard yesterday so I had fun too!

Micki said...

I loved the post and all of the pics, esp. the vintage items. Priscilla's story is incredible!

CabbageQuilts said...

Wow, what an amazing house and an amazing couple. You could happily spend days learning about the history in their house. Thanks for showing us xo

Sherri said...

Fascinating...I love hearing about all of the history that is so close to where I live...and her quilts are wonderful, too!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I'm in awe, completely. She sounds so amazing. What a house! What wonderful keepsakes. The dorm is one of the things that got me. Terrific idea. I may need that some day.

Katelyn Pettit said...

My Grandma is amazing! I have so many good memories of sleeping in the "dorm" and learning about the different objects in her home.