Friday, June 12, 2009

Houston, We Have A Problem

I've really hitting a NERVE with my button posts. The reaction has been huge.
Karen commented: "Call the doctor definitely have Button Fever."
Micki added "It looks like you've been bitten by a bug and there's no anecdote."

Lynn said "YOU have started a worldwide epidemic!"
(Do you think this might spread faster than the swine flu? People stopped traveling to Mexico, and I don't want to hurt the tourism industry in Utah.)

Another Amy already commented that she is in the process of looking for a Support Group.
(more vintage fabric)
Nancy told me that I have now become the ENABLER. She's telling her husband I'm the one who pointed her in this direction. She read my post at 7 pm and was getting ready to run to the quilt store to look for button fabric, knowing the store would be open until 10pm.
Diane said "You are a sick, sick woman."
(well, I kinda knew that already)

Material Mary suggested I keep the Addiction, saying it's fat free and harmless.
(I'm still pondering the harmless part. If I only buy button type fabric in fat quarters, am I still under control?)
There were a few helpful offerings:
Meliss Jordan suggested gluing big magnets on the back and using covered buttons as refrigerator magnets. She said her daughter has already taken some and put them on her locker at school.

SewCalGal said covered buttons would look great in the center of fabric flowers. She also suggested putting them on night time sleeping masks and using the buttons for eyes.
Elizabeth said she's putting some on pincushions.
Janet said she is making some to use as game pieces.
Maybe there is some good that can come from this disease. My oldest daughter who has never wanted to participate in any of my quilting or sewing projects wrote that she thought the buttons were cute. Even though she has no idea what she would do with them, she was even willing to make some with me. Am I rationalizing in thinking that making covered buttons together would connect families of all ages, young and old? You know, family reunions are coming up.
Do you think my daughter has caught the BUG?
It is, after all highly contagious.
Jane put it simply in her comment: "Must Make Buttons!"
I found this fabric today while perusing the fat quarters. Have any of you seen it before?
Pictorially it shows my first addiction, which in turn propelled me into my button addiction.
Isn't that how these things go?
In the beginning, you think you can handle it.
Which leads to the sneaking.

And the hiding.
And before you know it, you are wearing sunglasses and a trench coat at midnight and burying things in the yard.


dotti white said...

Nedra--you have so entertained and delighted me! Your blog is so fun to read and to look at! I love all of the buttons! It definitely is an addiction that I may willingly partake in! Thank you so much for sharing!

Di~ said...

I got some press time!

Lurline said...

Lucky I have been busy and haven't been to the shops this week - when I'm sorting my fabrics over the weekend I'll put button-appropriate in a special box, lol!

flora said...

Adorable post! Great fun.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Well, I knew I wanted to make them and now I have all these new ideas in my mind to use those cute buttons on. I just love that fabric, please let us know if you find out who makes it, you know we would all have to get some!! Thanks for sharing all your fun!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

This is the cutest and most entertaining post I have read in a long time. THANK YOU for taking the time to share your addiction with us.

Sherri said...

Cute post! Seriously, maybe a lot of us need a support group!

A Creative Life said...

what a fun story! very creative.

Kim Walus said...

This is a great post. I had to giggle and smile as I read your post. I loved all of your creative buttons.I especially enjoyed the quilter hiding her fabric. That was funny!

Material Mary said...

I chuckle. This is funny. So like us quilters to get obsessed with the fun things out there....

merumo said...

Hi Nedra, I was infected by that desease a few weeks ago and now I want to get that again by looking at all your yummy looking buttons!
I will hit that quilt shop again tomorrow to look for the button friendly fabrics... LOL

BTW, I have used Master Piece Thread and it seems to be very nice and blends with the fabric so nicely. Thanks for your suggestion!

Carol said...

What a fun, fun post!

Bonniedoo said...

Thank you for a delightful post..I don't have the addiction..........yet. But i feel something insidious coming over me. LOL

Unknown said...

Love your buttons. What will you do with all of them? I guess that's like asking a quilter what she's going to with all her fabric! The cartoon is precious and so very true.

Aubrey said...

Mom, you are such a nerd. ;) You are going to drown in buttons one day I am sure of it.

Anonymous said...

very cute fabric along with the story. I love the buttons.

Stitched With Prayer said...

Nedra, you had me laughing so hard that tears were rolling. I had to wait until I could see to write this. I just wanted to tell you, I went through my stash instead of dashing to the fabric store in the rain that night and found some wonderful fabrics, but just a few, I still have to get the buttons and the tool to put them together but I'M READY...yes YOU enabled me...Thank you, I 'kiss your feet' because as one lady said, this addiction is "fat free and harmless" (like you, I ponder the harmless part but not TOO long lest I come to some unwanted conclusion, lol). Your buttons are absolutely wonderful, I was delighted to see the Bug buttons, waayyy cute, and the button with the lady and her fabric stash, what is that fabric line, I really need some. However...I had to write because of the little Scottie Dog buttons. Oh my Lord!!! I have that very cross stitch in my home because I had a little Scottie Poodle mix that looked exactly like that AND she had a red polka dot sweater. Her name was Miss Daisy and she was 11 years old when we lost her to cancer (a good long life). But along with the cross stitch, my girls also gave me a watch with the same little dog on it. Now...I need to know where I can find THAT fabric because I loved the refrigerator magnet idea (whoever said that, way to go) but the buttons too. Those little dogs really tugged at my heartstrings, and like I said the "stash lady" really cracked me up. Okay, I've rambled enough, but please...don't join any support groups yet, keep the buttons coming, they are delightful. Thanks for sharing ... Really, thank you. **wink** P. S. I didn't tell my husband your name so you are

Stitched With Prayer said...

Oh...I forgot to ask you Nedra, you know where I can buy a trench coat and a good shovel? hehehe

Wendy said...


Now you need to turn your "addiction" into cash:
Start selling them!
Your close-up pictures are good, and I'm certain others would *love* to have some (lots) of your buttons!

Dolores said...

I love the bugs. What size are they? Can you put something beside a couple so we can get an idea of scale? Gee, I hope your family doesn't wear clothing with small images on them. They may end up a bit holey. But you wouldn't do that - would you?

Nanette Merrill said...

That last fabric had me laughing until I cried. Seriously! The buttons are wonderful. I love them all. It is fussy cutting at it's finest. I love buttons!

Live Well With Judi said...

Wasn't it Tevia from Fiddler that said, 'May I be afflicted, and never recover'?! Oh, those buttons give me serious issues. I may not be able to sleep tonight. Just got home from my trip and wanted to see what you were doing and now can't wait to join the club! Thanks for my shoe buttons, they're in a special place that I can look at them everyday. Hugs

Eileen said...