Friday, June 19, 2009

A Day of Visits

Today has been a wonderful day of meeting with friends. When I knew I would be in the Salt Lake City area, I made arrangements to go see THE Nanette of Freda's Hive. It was a year ago that I read Nanette's blog, and my life hasn't been the same since. I started my own blog and have now met so many of you. I count my self LUCKY.
Kim of Bitty Bits and Pieces lives near Nanette, so the 3 of us met at Nanette's house this morning.

Nanette, Kim, Nedra
Nanette showed us her latest projects. She just got this quilt back from the quilter.
I always love to see peoples workspace. Especially those creative souls who design patterns for us to enjoy. This is Nanette's bulletin board.
And all her vintage and Japanese fabrics stacked neatly in rows.

Some of the bags Nanette has designed.
And racks of her quilts.
We talked about the latest things we are working on, our families, and how much we have in common. Even though I live a 4 hour drive from these women, I consider them just like sisters.
Thank you Nanette and Kim for including me in your world.
After leaving Nanette's I went over to Kim's house. I wanted to see her sewing room and the place where she designs all her patterns. Kim is currently posting contributions at Moda Bake Shop. Make sure to go over and see the fun things she has created.

One of my favorite "Kim" quilts is her Kaleidoscope. Today I saw it made in 3 different color ways. This one is her Halloween version.
Cute little hand clutch purses.
In her sewing room, Kim uses boxed cubicles for her projects. The plastic boxes stack perfectly inside. When she's ready to start the next project they are easy to see and reach.
I couldn't take very many pictures of Kim's quilts in progress because she is in the process of getting several of them published. This is one she published in 2004 called "Holiday Squared" so I could show her work.
These ladies are so talented. It's a pleasure just to rub shoulders with them.

My next stop was to see my dear friend Janean. A few weeks ago Janean fell and severely broke her foot. She required surgery and now 3 screws hold the top of her foot together. She's been laid up in bed trying to keep her foot above her heart as she heals. How boring is that? We talked quilts to get her mind off the things she would like to be doing but can't for now.
This is the latest quilt she just got back from the quilter.
Janean has the most beautiful home, decorated with lovely quilts here and there. Her husband Ralph just made her a quilt ladder as a Mother's Day present.

Look at the detailed work he put into the ladder. Ralph is a real artisan.

Quilts by Janean.
Before heading back to St. George I went to visit my girlfriend Ruth. ( the one who had the beautiful wedding reception in her backyard recently). Two days ago a mud slide came down the mountain in Draper and caused a lot of damage to the 2 houses next door to Ruth and Craig.
They had experienced fires on the mountain last year, and have had a lot of rain in the last few weeks. This mountain has been a concern for the city for months.
Fortunately the mud slide missed the Steed's backyard.
Unfortunately it went right into the yards of our friends the Maylett's and Olsens.
Olsen's were in Scotland on vacation and flew home to a basement and yard full of mud.
Disaster crews , family and friends having been working night and day in the clean up.
Olsen's had a car in this driveway that was encased in mud nearly to the top of the tires.
Maylett's home sits just a little higher than Olsen's. The mudslide went past the side of their house, filling the window wells, and pushing out the windows to the basement below. Most of the initial impact filled their son's bedroom. Fortunately he wasn't in his room at the time.

The crews have already pulled out drywall and cleaned up most of the mud.
It's a miracle no one was hurt considering all the damage done. That's the good news.
The bad news is none of this is covered by the Maylett's flood insurance. If the water had come in on the main floor, they would have had some coverage, but about the only thing covered in a basement is the water heater.
It's been a rough few days, but Malett's were cheerful and telling jokes.
Shanna said she's considering offering therapeutic mud baths in her back yard for a small fee.
More rain is expected, so the women and teenagers were lining a runoff ditch with rock. They are hoping to divert any more water away from the homes.
Make sure to include the Maylett's and Olsen's in your prayers. They've certainly been in mine.


Kim Walus said...

I'm glad you made it home safely and I'm sure your DH missed you too! It was great fun visiting with you and Nanette today and I enjoyed having lunch with you, your friends Judi and Beth on Wednesday. Thanks for taking the time to get together. It was sooo much fun for me.

Janet said...

Fabulous post, I enjoyed the read but so sorry about the ones affected by the mud slide. What a fabulous visit you had with Kim and Nannette. Are you all inspired?

Unknown said...

What a terrific trip you had visiting with Nanette and Kim! Oh there creative studios and quilts are to die for! I just love all the pictures. Hopefully your friend's foot will heal quickly and she will be back to her normal routine soon. So sorry to hear about the mudslide. That is certainly nothing I would like to come home to at any time. My best to them!

Unknown said...

Wow you had a busy day, must have been great to see all of those beautiful quilts. Will definitely keep your friends in my prayers.

Latane Barton said...

How awful. The mudslide I mean. I did enjoy your visits with friends, Kim and Nannette. I love looking at other peoples quilting. Makes me want to sew, sew, sew.

Lurline said...

God bless your dear friends, let's hope the situation improves quickly - so wonderful for you to have great times with fine friends!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Gayle said...

One of my Ogden quilting friends was married to a member of the Olsen family for awhile. Hmmm....

Barry & I went to Logan for their Summerfest yesterday, so while I was there I stopped at Red Rooster. I was hoping I'd see you finishing up the Shop Hop! LOL

Carol said...

Oh what a fun visit you had with Kim and Nanette...great inspiration! I'm so sorry to hear about your friends and the mud...what a mess...I sending lots of good thoughts.

Sherri said...

What a fun day! And Kim and Nanette both have wonderful sewing rooms and quilts! So sorry about the homes of your friends. Hopefully they get a diversion completed before more rain.

Micki said...

What a lovely day you spent with friends! It must have been so much fun!

Material Mary said...

What fun to get together with friends. Nothing better than quilting/blogging friends.

Dawn said...

How fun!! I am so happy you got to visit with fun blogging friends!! Sorry about your friend's house..eeek!

onlymehere said...

How fun to meet blogging buddies! I watched this mud slide on the news (I'm in Northern Utah). It's very fortunate that the son wasn't in his room, but how sad to lose things he can't replace (yearbooks, etc. that they said on the news). I'm glad I found your blog and will definitely keep them in my prayers. Cindy

dotti white said...

Nedra...I have loved all of your shop hop posts and now the post of your time with Kim and Nanette is just so fun to read! I can tell you had a wonderful time and made every minute count! My prayers are with your friends...what a challenge to deal with!

Unknown said...

All that creative talent in one day I'm sure you came home bursting wiyh inspiration and thank goodness safely too .

Trisha said...

Fun that you got to spend time with Nanette and Kim. You are so lucky!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh my, to get to be with wonderful blogging friends, what could be better, It looks like you have a wonderful day and visit, so sory to hear of the mud slide and hope that is does not get any worse for your friends.

Patty said...

Sounds like you had a very adventurous trip. you certainly hve some very talented friends. I will put your friends suffering fom mud slides in my prayers. Hope they will avoid anymore disasters.

Nanette Merrill said...

So sad about your 2 friends homes. And not covered on insurance. Ick. That is the toughest part I guess. I'm glad you got home safe. Thanks again for your sweet gifts and your visit. I had so much fun. My family all wanted to know if we had fun together. Of course! Janean called me Saturday night. She's going to try to come to quilts on Tuesday. She's such a sweetheart and I hate to see her suffer and have to be down so long.

Barb said...

We have a mutual friend! I was reading your blog and when you mentioned the Mayletts were your friends I wondered if it could be the same ones we know. Then I read the name Shanna and her comment about mudbaths and knew it had to be. Please tell them hello and we are hoping and praying all will turn out for them. We knew them when they lived in Texas.
Barb Malmberg

DYC Officer said...

I needed a minute to sit and take a rest and found your blog page. Thank you so much for asking your friends to keep us in their prayers! I know they have worked since we are still alive and kicking and feel that everything will be ok. How in the world do you know Barbara Malmberg? She is such a wonderful women and friend from Texas! It's a small world. Thanks again! Shanna