Sunday, February 9, 2014

Obsession and Mistaken Identity Quilts

 I love Quilt Shows
I love walking around to see the 
wide variety and diverse creativity
that can be applied to quilt making.
For me, Quilt Shows are like
one big happy Show and Tell
presented in the most comfortable and easiest way.
by Mary Bauer
Crestwood, Kentucky
As I stood by this quilt
a group of ladies walked up, read the title
and commented
"Obsession! Great name!
  Isn't that the way we all feel about quilting?"
 I was particularly drawn to this quilt
because of the wonderful color combinations.
 Mary won a 3rd Place Ribbon
in the Bed Quilts-Traditional category
 Great border
 Interesting quilting
Congratulations Mary!
 Mistaken Identity
by Gail Stepanek
Quilted by Jan Hutchison
New Lenox, Illinois
1st place Winner
in the Bed Quilts-Traditional category
 The contrast of the dark gray background
mixed with pops of color
from the stars
had many of us studying Gail's quilt in detail.
 Fabulous quilting!
 Beautiful border design.
Congratulations Gail and Jan!
Both of these quilts
along with all of the other winners
will be featured in the next issue of
American Quilters Magazine
As I walked around and viewed the quilts from 
AQS/Phoenix Quilt Week
I wished they had given more of a story
to accompany each quilt
like many quilt shows do.
Maybe their magazine articles
will give us more of an insight to the
creators and their design process?

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I always like the bed quilts most! I suppose because that is what I make? I like art quilts too but it is a whole different category of quilting to me