Monday, February 10, 2014

Cow Stampede Quilts

 Quilts can be quite humorous.
I heard some 
deep hearty belly laughs
through out the aisles
while viewing the
Cow Stampede Exhibit
Looking at Cows From A New Perspective
during AQS/Phoenix Quilt Week
This special exhibit is a hilarious
and very creative interpretation
of anything "cow"
Using the whimsical cow block from Mary Lou Weisman's book
Out of The Box with Easy Blocks
Mary's students have been
and offer a great play on words.
I saw a similar exhibit at Quilt Festival in Houston
and AQS provided even more ideas.
This post is a quite picture heavy,
but I wanted to share with you every funny inch:
by Sue Cresse
 MOOlah A Cash Cow
by Charlotte Lorenzo
 Notice the numbers on the cow's body
 and the udders!
 Eat More Veggies
by Kathy Collins
 Carrot udders :)
 Cow Tipping
by Terri Jones
made me think of the movie "Cars"
 PanaMOO Canal
by Susan Typpi
 complete with 3-D
parrot earrings
 Cow Town
by Mary Lou Weidman herself
 Neighborhood houses with names like 
and Lulu
 Hot Dog udders :)
 Zorro the BOOvine
by Eilene Hamilton
 Who is that masked man cow?
by Julie Post
 Caped and Flying
by Rebecka Schafer
 Sunglasses with a desert view
 The Three COWballeros
by Jane Tenorio-Coscarelli
 Who would not love
a three headed 
mustached cow?
 Especially one adorned with a bird
wrapped in a Serape?
I seriously have to come up with an idea
and make one of these some day!
The basic cow block can be found
in the book 
Out Of The Box with Easy Blocks


KaHolly said...

How delightful!! What a fun way to begin my day!!

Lynette said...

Haha!! Those are funny - - The mustachios!! I think the Three Cowballeros is my favorite.

Sara said...

These are so creative and hilarious. Thank you for sharing because it made a great lunch break laugh.

fiberchick said...

How fun! Or should I say "Cow" fun...