Monday, July 20, 2009

Annie's Gifts

I stopped by Annie's house today.
We have been talking about working on a rug hooking project, and she presented me with this wonderful book she had found.
Annie knows how much I love Kaffe Fassett fabrics, and this book (published in 1995) shows quite a few hooked rugs by Kaffe.
Annie owns a home in Alaska right off the ocean, where she usually spends most of her summers. Wouldn't this rug look beautiful in a seaside home?

I love this one too. A great rug to put out during the Holiday's. Kaffe calls this one a "Rag Rug" using fabric scraps instead of wool.
This is a rag rug also called "Cabbage Leaf".

One of my favorites in the book is "Celebration Squares". An easy design, and I've always loved geometric's. I could see this one in front of a kitchen sink, or in a child's bedroom.
Thank you Annie for this wonderful book! I will enjoy just sitting down reading it page by page to absorb all the wonderful ideas.

Annie also gave me the latest in the Pretty Little Series called "Pretty Little Cozies".
She knows how I have been collecting all the Pretty Little Series books.
So many fun projects!

If time was no object, I would make them all.

In fact, I would make several to give to friends.

And my children. Look at this cute Diaper Snug. My daughter could use one of these.
Annie, thank you again! You are so generous!
Now I need to think of an appropriate way to thank Annie. Ideas are swirling. She is a pattern designer who makes a lot of these things herself.
It was Annie's class where I learned to make my Lap Top Carrier.
This is a picture of her pattern, and you can find it HERE or at
Annie has been designing a lot of patterns using Texture Magic.
This purse pattern has been very popular. Annie made one out of black velvet that I have been showing to quilt stores and everyone has been raving about it.
Even Mr. Cactus who really knows very little about purses thinks Annie's Textured Tote looks like something out of a top New York boutique.

And I've just started making "Bubbly Babies", also using Texture Magic.
More on that soon!
Make sure to go to to see more of Annie's designs. She is a very talented lady, who I feel honored to have as a friend.


Carol said...

OMG what spectacular rugs! How are you going to decide what to do first? What great books!

Unknown said...

A friend of mine is a rug hooker and makes gorgeous rugs. I love the celebration squares too. I think that is my favorite. How generous of Annie!

Janet said...

What a gorgeous book even if you never made anything out of that. I have a tapestry book similar. When or if you make it, I'll look forward to seeing how it's done.

Material Mary said...

What a fun book and the little prettys book really is cute. Enjoy these gifts!!

Karen said...

Your new book has a ton of great ideas;) Love the fabric scrap vs yarn idea;)

Nanette Merrill said...

I love those "pretty little" books.

dotti white said...

wow--beautiful books full of fun inspiration!

Gayle said...

I just picked up the book titled Pretty Little Felts and I understand the author lives in Utah County! I love it when local gals become famous!

The Fassett hooked rugs are totally awesome - I hope you make one of them.