Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wooly Boully

We've had another fun day at my house working with wool. Yesterday we made appliqued wool pillows. Today Ricci taught us needle felting with wool roving.
Patsy, Nedra, Louise and Ricci
Ricci gets a lot of her supplies on line from a company called Bird Brain Designs. They have the cutest things! Make sure to check out their web site.
We started out with a small piece of roving and then you jab, jab, jab with a needle to get it to form together into a ball.
We soon discovered the challenge was to keep our fingers and thumbs as far away from the needle as possible. Some of us have drawn blood and have now gone through an assorted collection of bandaids. Yeeooowch! The needle has a barbed end that really hurts!
This is the pincushion that Ricci taught us how to make.
While we worked on our pincushions, Ricci whipped up this cute tomato.
We did a little more shopping this afternoon. Ricci wins the prize for her contribution as the shopper of the day. She went out and bought a new car this afternoon. Yeah Ricci!


Ricci said...

It's not an apple, it's a little tomato! Some people need 3 pairs of glasses!!! It was a lot of fun today with Nedra, Patsy and Louise. All three of these ladies are wonderful!! Thank you all!

Micki said...

You did lovely work. It looks like it was a lot of fun!

Louise said...

Patsy and I have arrived safely home.
Nedra, thank you for being such a great hostess and teacher. And thanks to Ricci for our lessons on wool roving. We had a fantastic weekend. Louise

iappearjiggy said...

Thanks Nedra for your comment about marking the wool, still experimenting. The eyeball thing woulda worked when I could still see stuff pretty good, now I'm one of the ones with glasses in every room of the house, in my bag, hanging from my neck, sitting atop my head and still wondering where my glasses are?! I have turned into my own grandma...

Nanette Merrill said...

I loved reading and seeing the progression of this wool fun. Friends are the best. They make anything we love to do more fun. Ricci is one talented lady.