Sunday, March 15, 2009

Needlefelt Pincushion

I finished my needlefelt pincushion from the class Ricci taught last weekend.
First we started with some white wool roving. We got a little ball together by jab, jab, jabbing with the special needle.
First we formed a ball, and then started adding roving to the sides to get the shape into more of a cylinder. Ricci suggested we use the white roving as the base because it's less expensive. She had us use two different types of needles. The first one was a single needle. Once the project got larger we used a 4-needle combo that helped the project move along much faster.
Once we reached the desired shape, we started adding the color of roving that we wanted our pincushion to be. I chose a blue.
Jab, jab, jab and more jabbing until all the white was covered up.
For the decoration on the top of my pincushion, I chose a spiral shape.
These were easy to do and a lot of fun to make. Thanks Ricci for teaching us how!