Thursday, September 26, 2013

Those Mesa Ladies/ September

 Yesterday was that favorite day I wait for each  month
the 3rd Wednesday
where I get together and sew with
Those Wonderful Mesa Ladies
We meet at the church
and spend the day working on our projects.
One of the parts I look forward to the most
is seeing the progress the ladies have made
on their quilts during the month.
 This month, I think Peg won the prize
Most Completed
Peg completed 3 quilts
for her grand children.
 This Chevron quilt was made from left over scraps.
Don't you love the long arm quilting pattern, too?
 Peg put soft Minkee on the back
for a cuddly snuggle.
 The same pattern made in Pink 
 Wonderful fabric choices
 If you look closely
you can see the same 
I just did a tutorial for 
*Peg's Half Square Triangles 
measure at 5 inches.
The only difference is that half of her
triangles are one solid color.
 More soft Minkee for the back.
 Scrappy Strip Quilt
 Can you see the cherries in
several of the fabrics?
 Peg's long armer followed that same theme for the quilting.
Very cute!
 The quilting pattern is even more noticeable when viewing the
Minkee back.
 And then there is the food.
Janet really outdid herself 
by providing the most delicious lunch.
She made Stephanie's 
that is to die for!
Recipe can be found on Steph's blog
Stuph From Steph
 Rene made 
melt in your mouth
homemade orange rolls.
Not only can these ladies quilt,
but they CAN COOK!
More Show and Tell tomorrow
from the group.


Carol said...

What great the quilting!

Lynette said...

Oooo - those orange rolls look delectable to me right now. There's not a recipe, is there? :)

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

I love show and tell pics and the food looks yummy too! :)