Saturday, September 7, 2013

Indian Blanket Photo Shoot

 As a new quilt pattern writer,
I am learning the tricks of
the trade.
One of the statistics that I have heard
is that buyers generally decide
which pattern they will purchase
within 3 seconds
after looking at the front cover.
A clear 
can make all the difference.
Some designers
can afford professional photographers
to work their magic for the front cover.
 And then there are people like me
who do their own photography 
and hope for the best.
 Sometimes we rope friends and family into helping us
with a photo shoot.
The other morning my very kind friends
Paul and Niser helped me with
my latest pattern
Indian Blanket
We arrived at the Scottsdale Arizona Mall
hours before the stores opened.
It was just us and the Mall Walkers :)
We moved from spot to spot
searching for the best lighting.
We found the perfect wall
with a background that matched the quilt
and natural light streaming through the nearby windows.
Niser brought her quilt rack
which was especially helpful
Indian Blanket is a long
67" X 94"
Twin size
Thank you Niser!
Paul brought his fancy camera
complete with tri pod.
Thank you Paul!
Both of the Holland's have been so
generous with their time.
We desired to capture the beautiful color combinations
of the solid fabrics.
I went downstairs with my camera
 to the main floor
and tried a few other shots
on the couches and chairs in the common area.

It's always so hard to know which picture is best for a pattern cover.
For a final decision, I cropped out all of the background
and opted for the full length shot,
where the colors of the quilt
can be seen in full view.
Instructions for each Kona solid color 
within individual rows
is included in the pattern.
As a reminder,
Indian Blanket 
can be found on my ETSY site


Needled Mom said...

What fun to stage all of the photos though!!! I'd like the full length one if I was purchasing the pattern.

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

What a great mall for photos!! I love that pattern and esp the colors you used!

fiberchick said...

This one is fantastic!!!

Abby and Stephanie said...

I do my own photography as well. It's one of the most fun parts of the process, finding just the right setting. Great name for the designs and vibrant colors. I have our Indian blanket from childhood. It's worse for wear but the colors are amazing.