Thursday, September 19, 2013

Can You Guess Where We Are?

 I know it's been a little silent
here at 
Cactus Needle 
during the last week.
 Can You Guess Where We Are?
 I'll give you a few clues:
That's Butte
pronounced like "Ute"
or like "Route"
as in 66
(not what you were thinking at first, was it?)
 We had to leave our home in Arizona
to see Arizona
(*we are not in Arizona)
 And we parked our car to ride in a car.
 Does this help?
 Come on!  I'm almost giving it away!
Any ideas?
I will leave you with
some sage advice :)
*last clue:
some say this is the happiest place on Earth :)


pizzaeater said...

I live in Arizona and don't know where you are.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

lol, well I don't know! along route 66 somewhere I guess - I would need more clues.

Lisa E said...

Cars Land at Disneyland??

Anonymous said...

Butte, Montana? I've never seen it but you gave good clues! Helen

Lynette said...

lol :)

Julia Graber said...