Thursday, March 28, 2013

Whole Cloth Quilt

 It's not very often that 
I see a 
Whole Cloth Quilt
that has been machine quilted
win a ribbon at 
a Quilt Show.
 Kaufman's Radiance
by Gerri Smit
was beautifully quilted
and won a blue ribbon
in the 
"Other Category"
at the AQG Quilt Show
We've come a long way, baby
I remember the day
(not too many years ago)
listening to heated debates on
whether we should allow machine quilted quilts
 to be judged at quilt shows.
Purists felt that only hand quilted quilts
were were true quilts.
Fortunately those days are gone,
and we now give credit to the 
involved in machine quilting.
 The quilting was quite impressive,
but what especially caught my eye 
was Gerri's stunning binding.
 Gerri wrote:
"This whole cloth is made using 
Kaufman Radiance fabric.  
I stitched it with APQS longarm with IQ attached.
The binding was a technique by 
Sharon Schamber."


Linda C said...

At our major quilt show in Melbourne last year, a hand guided machine quilted quilt won best in show. l agree. Its not often you see this. And And l am super happy to say, this woman does my machine quilting for me!!

Lurline said...


Abby and Stephanie said...


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it is very pretty, love that binding

fiberchick said...

This is beautiful!!!

dream quilt create said...

It's breathtaking! The binding is incredible! I wonder how many hours were invested into it.....

Carolyn Sullivan said...

OMG! that is all I can say!

•stephanie• said...

that edge treatment is gorgeous!