Saturday, March 9, 2013

T-Shirt Quilt

 When I worked in the booth for 
Lisa Maki of
demo-ing their T-Shirt Quilt
for 3 days,
I knew I had to
come home and make
one myself.
 About a year ago my Sister-In-Law
had asked me if I would make her a T-Shirt quilt
and I originally thought "No way",
but then when I saw this 
EASY technique
by Crooked Nickle
I was more than happy to say
I asked Lori to send me
12 T-Shirts
and the quilt top
went together quickly.
 For my pattern I used
Memories To A "T"
that can be found 
It makes either a Twin size (using 22 T-Shirts)
or a Lap size (using 12 T-Shirts)
I made the Lap Top size
 Lisa's technique really is brilliant.
No quilting experience is required
and you don't even need to use pins.
First you start with an
*On-Point Fusible Grid
*a Pellon product/ interfacing weight
and iron your pieces down.
Lisa offers a great tutorial video
on her web site 
 The On-Point Fusible Grid is sticky on one side
and smooth on the other.
*Make sure to iron on the sticky/glue side!
Placement is easy using the 1-inch grids as your markers.
This technique is so wonderful because it
stabilizes the T-Shirts all in one step.
 Next you lay out your sashing strips
and iron those down.
 There will be small gaps in between.
Very necessary!
 Fold the quilt in  half, right sides together
and sew along all of the sashings one direction.
Then sew the sashings in the other direction
Trim, add borders and
Voile! Your quilt top is done!
 A perfect corner stone is developed with this technique,
and all of the seams are nicely contained in a french like seam
on the back of the quilt.
 T-Shirt quilts really are a
great way to preserve memories.
Gary and Lori will remember 
their trip to 
Chichen Itza in Mexico
 Or attending the 
Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City 2002
 Lori even sent me a sheet
that has special memories for one of her sons.
Not all of the squares need to be T-Shirts.
I will be quilting this one myself,
and will keep you posted on the final result.


Janet O. said...

This is a genius method. I will be interested to know if the seams are thick and give you any trouble when quilting.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Isn't there always a new/different/easy way to do something? Quilter's are so clever. I have a stack of t-shirts for an Ohio memory day.

dream quilt create said...

I will have to look at the tutorials! The quilt looks so pretty and not is easy to read the logos from the t shirts. I am planning on making one for my son before he returns home from his mission.

Glenna @ Hollyhock Quilts said...

Very cool! I've been avoiding them, too. May have one in my future now! Thanks for sharing.