Monday, March 11, 2013

Scrappy Trips Cool

 Back in 1981 
Barbara Mandrell released a song called
"I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool"
I'm not a song writer
or a singer
but if I had that talent
I would write a little melody 
and serenade you with
"I was Scrappy Trips When Scrappy Trips Wasn't Cool"
 Yes, I have finished my own version of
Scrappy Trips Around The World
free pattern by
 It seems that lately everyone
and their dog has been making
this pattern.
Have you seen the explosion of 
Scrappy Trip Alongs
on Flickr and Instagrams?
And they are all out of the cutest fabrics!
(I want a re-do)
 But, back in December of 2011 when
first started making my Scrappy Trips
I didn't know how COOL it would be to
make this pattern out of bright happy fabrics.
I was thinking I just wanted to use up old scraps
that were 
"no longer my kind of colors anymore"
and have a little picnic quilt
that could be thrown on the lawn.
 None of my fabrics match,
which is really OK with 
this kind of quilt,
because the pattern seems to 
emerge using lights and darks.
 In Bonnie's pattern she suggests using
2.5- inch strips.
I opted for 2-inch strips instead,
making my blocks slightly smaller.
 Finished size 45" X 73"
40 blocks total
(5 blocks across and 8 blocks down)
One of my goals for 2013 is to 
finish up 
on quilts that I have previously started.
Now that's COOL


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that's neat - always nice for a finish and you got rid of fabrics you didn't like plus now you like it!

Carol said...

Very cool! A finish and a great quilt! I really like that you used 2" squares...Looks awesome!

trish said...

Your quilt looks fabulous!! And how wonderful that you were able to use up fabrics you were no longer needing. Very industrious of you. :0) Barbara Mandrell? Ok. Now you are dating me! :0) I remember loving the Mandrell sisters as a child. :0)

Carolyn Sullivan said...

I love your scrappy trips.... I'm not making one, still trying to finish my Easy Street! it's done, but I think it needs some borders.
Thanks for adding the follow by email.

Ann @thequiltingcats said...

Wonderful! I find I like patterns and place them on my list, then when an explosion happens I take them off. I'm weird like that , still haven't watched Forrest Gump just because all the hooplah when it came out. Back on topic. I love your quilt! The colors aren't quite "in style" these days, but it came out beautifully! My goal this year is one quilt at a time from start to finish, thereby eliminating unfinished works. :)

Barbara Sindlinger said...

I'm making one now too but with true scraps - awful fabrics and colors but with all of them together it will make a cool quilt--for the dogs--to cover my furniture. :)

Janet O. said...

I started mine in January when a LQS held a day of sewing this pattern. It is a little more controlled than most, but that is how I roll. : )

Abby and Stephanie said...

I made one in the mid-1990s. I took the class from Blanche Young at our guild in California. She is the queen of the Trips Around the World. Mine is a Christmas one and she is such a kick in the pants as an instructor. This is a warm beauty.

Material Mary said...

Nedra, it is a stunner, even though you don't like your scraps anymore. I am going to make one out of my old stuff cause I really really like how your quilt turned out!!

Nanette Merrill said...

Extremely cool. Yours is wonderful. I love the scrappy. It is where my heart is. delightful finish

fiberchick said...

This pattern seems to look best in everyone's "no longer loved" fabrics. I think your quilt is a beauty!

Nat Palaskas said...

How COOL!!! Definitely the coolest TRIP quilt Nedra. I'm loving mine Japanese Trip too, but not done yet - Hugs Nat

Cindy said...

Way to go Nedra--it's beautiful. And doesn't it feel great to be a trend setter!

Lori Holt said...

Your scrappy trip is quilty fun at its best Nedra!!!
And you've always been cool according to me!!!

Glenna @ Hollyhock Quilts said...

VERY cool! That is such a good way to use up fabric.

Unknown said...

Love your scrappy quilt.