Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wool Leaf Table Runner

 Years ago I used to
spend a lot of
hand dying

I felt a little like
a chemist
as I gathaered dye pots
in the kitchen.
I was always
curious to see how each piece of
wool would absorb the dye,
 leaving sections
and unique.
 I recently found some of those
leftover pieces of wool
and gathered them together
for a
Leaf Table Runner
 Falling leaves in colors
of golds
greens, purples, reds
and orange,
 hand stitched
with pearl cotton to
a black wool background.
Decorative tongues
outlined in a blanket stitch.
For the backing, I used a
cotton quilting weight fabric
that continued with a
leaf motif.
One more
Christmas present
 finished and
ready to be wrapped.


Stephanie said...

Love the rich, deep colors. What a beautiful gift. I used to weave baskets and would dye my reed in the kitchen!

Glenna @ Hollyhock Quilts said...

Gosh, Nedra, that is BEAUTIFUL! You gave up dying wool because???

Brenda said...

Love it, I have just started dyeing wool and I feel like a mad scientist. Your wool is beautiful. Why stop?

Material Mary said...

Lovely Nedra. I love how the leaves are arranged on the runner.