Friday, December 21, 2012

Stuffed Animal Pajamas

 As I have mentioned before
I work at a wonderful bookstore called
One day, a fellow employee
Susan Barker
showed me the
pajama bottoms
she had made for some of the
stuffed animals we sell
at the store.
I loved them!
And knew I  had to make them, too!
So, I borrowed the PJ pattern
that Susan had sketched,
pulled out some fabric scraps
and began sewing away.
Kami the Kangaroo
Austin the Alligator
and Kayla the Koala
are all decked out and
 ready for Christmas morning.
I especially loved Susan's idea
of making matching PJ's
for each of the grand children to wear
as they carry their stuffed animal.
Susan's pattern even allowed
special accommodations
for things like
for an alligators tail.
Too cute!

 Kami the Kangaroo
needed something to highlight her pouch,
 so she is stuffed with a
Santa Pez
and candy.
 I left the tags naming each stuffed animal
for a few special reasons.
Our grand daughter Kayla
will receive
Kayla the Koala
and with each toy purchased
100% of the proceeds 
 go to
a Deseret Book Initiative that
has already sent
50,000 much needed books
to children
around the world.
*Thank you Susan for sharing your pattern and ideas!
Tomorrow I will offer
a small tutorial
showing how easy it
is to make PJ's for
a stuffed animal.


Lynette said...

Cute :D

Unknown said...

Those are too cute.

ytsmom said...

I wish I was on your Christmas list! I love these, especially that alligator and his tale!