Saturday, December 22, 2012

Stuffed Animal Pajama Pants Tutorial

 It's quite easy to make little pajama pants
for a stuffed animal.
My thanks to
Susan Barker
for drafting the pattern!
 This pattern fits the
16-inch plushed toys purchased
but can be adapted for any stuffed animal.
7 1/2" across at the top
10" across at the middle sections that fan out
8 1/2" across at the bottom
11" vertically down from the top to the bottom.
Cut two pieces of fabric.
 With right sides together,
sew the front and back curved sections.
 Open up the inside, matching the seams
to look like this.
Pin the inner leg area.
 Stitch the inner leg area 1/4th inch from the edge.
 Turn right side out.
At the top, turn down 1/4th inch and press.
I used 3/4 inch elastic, that I pre-measured to each stuffed animal waist.
Turn down 1-inch at the top to make a casing.
 Stitch all away around the top ,
leaving an opening to insert the elastic.
 I like to pin a large safety pin
at the end of the elastic
to use as guide to push the elastic through
the casing.
Make sure one end of the elastic stays outside the casing.
Once you have threaded through the other
end of the elastic
match the two ends together.
 Overlap and sew the ends together.
 Pull taut around the waist to even the gathers,
and the elastic will snap into place inside the casing
Continue sewing the rest of the seam down.
 Hem the pants to the desired length.
Many stuffed animals have tails.
Susan used a buttonhole stitch to create an opening for her
pajama pants.
 I opted to open up a section of the back seam,
 and then stitched around the inside to keep
the edges from fraying.
Plenty of room for
Kami the Kangaroo's,
and Austin the Alligator's tails.


Carol said...

Oh Nedra those are so darn cute!

Astrid said...

That one is just too cute!
MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours! Enjoy the Holiday Season!