Monday, December 17, 2012

To The Stars Through Difficulties

 We were recently invited to a
Christmas Party
in Scottsdale, Arizona
where Mr. Cactus does
some consulting work.
Right as we walked in,
glancing past all of the lovely food on display,
I immediately noticed
an exquisite quilt
that was the center
of attention on
one of the board room walls.
(I must be a quilter:)
 Ad Astra
Per Aspra
in Latin
To the Stars Through Difficulties
Made by Art Quilter and
Fiber Artist
Linda McCurray
Gilbert, Arizona 2003
 Linda is a previous employee of
Ledgerwood Associates
and made this quilt as a gift
at the completion of
their office building in Scottsdale.
 All of the fabrics are hand dyed
with skillfull machine quilting.
 Roman Triumphal arches
dot the exterior of the building
and served as inspriation
for Linda's design.
Linda is an award winning quilter
and a member of
Studio Art Quilters Association
and Arizona Quilt Guild.
To view more of her work
make sure to visit her
web site


Stephanie said...

Not only an amazing quilt but an amazing gift.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...


Jackie said...

Absolutely beautiful!!

Needled Mom said...

Wow! That is just gorgous. Thanks for sharing it with us.

•stephanie• said...

my favorite part of this post is that you had your camera and weren't afraid to use it!! good job. always on the lookout for quilting inspiration.

Nat Palaskas said...

It's gorgeous. The color and design is very unique! Yes you are a quilter - Hugs Nat