Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stairstep Quilts Book

I've always been a big fan of The Selvage Blog by Karen Griska.
I've followed her posts for years.
What amazing things people can make with selvages!
I was especially happy when Karen contacted me recently and sent me a copy of her new book as a gift:)
Thank you Karen!
Stairstep Quilts is my kind of book.
Eleven fabulous versions of Stairstep quilts, that can all be made from fabric scraps (if you choose).
Right up my alley.
And, these quilts look so easy and do-able!
Oh, which one do I love the most?
Might be Steps of Santa Fe.
I'm really drawn to red and white quilts right now, and the pattern does have an Arizona kind of design.
I also really like Staircase Wall Hanging, although you could make this in any size depending on how many blocks you make.
I have a feeling Karen knows how much I want to use up my fabric stash right now, and these projects are the perfect way to dip into the baskets that are filled to overflow.
The patterns would also serve a useful purpose for quilt guilds looking to do charity quilts with left over bits of fabrics.

Karen's book can be ordered and downloaded as a pdf file on her Etsy site at Selvage Blog.


Material Mary said...

fabulous quilts...love that staircase look. I think you are going to have a piecing party with this one...

karenfae said...

I have one of her books, this one looks great - love that red and white!

Needled Mom said...

Those are some great quilts. So simple and so stunning!

fiberchick said...

I bought this too. It has lots of strolling yet easy designs!

fiberchick said...

Oops thanks to Mac's automatic typing "strolling" should read "stunning" in my post above...

Nanette Merrill said...

It does really have that Aztec feel to it. And of course I love red and white.