Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nimble Thimbles September Trunk Show

The Nimble Thimbles really are a diverse group of quilters.
Here are some pictures from their September Trunk Show:

This quilter explained that she made a quilt for her mother who loves red.

The striking two color combination made me think of the red and white quilts that were recently hung at the Museum of American Folk Art show in New York.

This was one of the most unique denim quilts I've ever seen. She cut out circles from old used jeans and placed them in a Cathedral Window type setting.
The borders are not finished yet.

I noticed with the approach of Fall, many people were finishing up their Halloween and Thanksgiving quilts.

I love how she fussy cut the centers using the fabric line Witches Undies by Moda.

When this young man stood up to show his quilt, I wanted to applaud.

First he explained that he had been commission (yes, commissioned!) to make this quilt, but it had taken him longer than expected because he was busy working his day job doing Construction.


What a contrast of two worlds!

From the way he spoke it sounded like he has made quite a few commissioned quilts.

What a great young man.

Before he was done speaking I was ready to adopt him.

From the Buggy Barn book Frightfully Crazy

Some ladies had completed easy quilts.

And some were working on art quilts

This was another commissioned piece where the designer was given fabrics from family members in China.

She apologized because she felt the quilt was ugly.

I personally loved it!

This is a great example of how we all are attracted to different styles, which I feel is a wonderful thing!

Variety adds spice to life.

If we all liked the same things, it could get rather dull and boring.

A fat quarter friendly pattern.

Disparing Blues by new quilter Joann.

The Nimble Thimbles are up to 70 members now, which provides a very nice, well rounded Show and Tell!


Maria said...

Wonderfull quilts!

Janet said...

What a great show and tell. I might not want to make every quilt I see but I can see something I love in every one.

LynCC said...

Looks like you guys get a nice mix of styles - traditional, modern, folksy. . . :)

fiberchick said...

Shows how subjective taste in quilts is. I love the one with the fabrics from China that is supposed to be ugly too!

Anonymous said...

I, too, am making a denim/flannel cathedral window quilt. It will be heavy when completed. I just dreamed up the pattern. Used a margarine lid for the circle.

Kris said...

Nedra - What a great group of quilts!! I too love the Witches' undies quilt and applaud the young man who made that huge commissioned quilt!! It is good to know that the fine art of quilting will continue on in the hands of our young ones!! Kris

Miki Willa said...

This is a talented group of quilters. I am very impressed with the variety, talent and skills.