Friday, June 18, 2010

You Got Me Lori!

When my friend Lori Holt (Bee In My Bonnet) was at my house in April, we both started working on Sunny Days.

We both got pretty far along in the making of the quilt. I finished all the blocks but 4.
And then my quilt SAT on my design wall.
Life got crazy, other things went to the top of the list and Sunny Days has SAT for (yes, I'm embarrassed to admit) almost 2 months.
Lori, on the other hand went home and finished her quilt right away.
She would e-mail me and ask from time to time, how my Sunny Days was coming along.
I made excuses.
Now Lori and I are getting ready to go on another quilt retreat together in a few days, and I thought I'd better take Sunny Days with me and finally get it done.
As I was gathering up my blocks from the design wall...

Look what I found underneath one of the blocks.
You got me Lori!!
The note was written last April, waiting for discovery.
Lori and I had reminisced that as we were growing up, cherry life savers were our favorite flavor.
Thanks Lori! You are cherry flavor too!

Everything Lori does is cute. In fact, I think Lori must have been born cute.
Here she is in 1966. Pink hair dryer bonnet and all.
See you in a few days Lori!


Nikki said...

That picture is so great! I love the pink "bee hive" hair dryer!

Jodi Nelson said...

LOVE it! Have fun!!!

Darlene said...

She did 'get' you. LOL Very cute card and I love the quilt. A must have pattern.

Chartreuse Moose said...

Thank you for the lovely blog! Darling Sunny Days quilt blocks and cute as a button photo of Lori! Whew, hadn't thought of those hairdryers for ages! Or lifesavers! Thanks for the memories!

Material Mary said...

I just adore this quilt. I can't wait to order the pattern and get sewing on one I just love it. Yours and Lori's look FAB!!

em's scrapbag said...

Oh Lori is a sneaky one. Hope you have tons of fun at your retreat!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

How fun! Love the quilt and very sneaky of Lori to give you a surprise note. Have a great retreat!

Unknown said...

How great is that, that she had a note pinned behind your quilt all along!! So fun to find it. I am sure it brought a smile to your face right away. Your quilt is just gorgeous!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

What a great story!!! She must have been going crazy waiting for you to see her note!! That is just too fun!!

Unknown said...

Love the quilt. Have fun on your retreat.

Cardygirl said...

Absolutely love that quilt...what a wonderful friend.

Dawn said...

Catching up on reading blogs. I have to say...that was pretty funny. I would have done the same thing...haha Lately, it seems like I get caught up on so many other things, I really need to get a few things finished..tee hee.