Thursday, June 17, 2010

Granny Stripe Blanket

I am first and foremost a quilter.
I am not a crocheter.
Until now.
Actually, I'm a wanna- be crocheter.

Have you seen this? Lucy of Attic 24 is making the most wonderful Granny Stripe Blanket.
Yes!, she has a tutorial, and yes!, she is inviting us along.
Do you think I would be able to make this? (I mean, where it would look anything like Lucy's?)
Look at these fabulous colors all lined up in pretty little rows.
Lucy is working from these set of yarns.
17 beautiful colors that play so well together.
When did they start making yarns in such fabulous colors?

I have to give it a try. Have to.
Fortunately because of the Internet, there are a lot of videos and tutorials to help me learn.
I'm pushing aside my quilt projects for today, and heading off to the yarn shop.
I could be in DEEP trouble.


Needled Mom said...

It will be gorgeous! I love the yarn colors she is using.

Martha said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing.


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

LOL but it looks like fun trouble!! :-) It is a beauty! Have a happy day!

Char said...

Sure, you can do it. I crochet all the time. (can't knit) Watch out the yarn colors really are yummy now and yarn could take over your sewing room. Don't ask how I know.

Gill said...

I want to have a go too!


Chartreuse Moose said...

Oh what a lovely rainbow, it is pure joy and would call out to anyone! Good luck!

Sequana said...

You realize, of course, that Amy Butler has a whole collection of yarn out there now. *S*

Just thot I'd let you know.
*evil grin*

Material Mary said...

You can do this and do it well. Crochet once you have down the basics is really easy and you would have fun with this. Watch out--it is so addicting that when I have been away for awhile I went overboard and was gung ho and brought on my carpal tunnel something fierce. Take it in small bits and you will enjoy it!!

Unknown said...

It looks wonderful and Im sure you can make one just as pretty :o) I think I must rush over to have a look, maybe I should join aswell - I need something to do during my holidays in the boat. As if I dont have enough knitting projects going..... ;o)
Good luck and looking forward to see your work!

Darlene said...

Nedra, you are incredibly talented - of course you can do this. The colors are yummy - I'd want to use the same colors. LOL

I'll be looking forward to seeing yours. It's very tempting to play along but I haven't crocheted in years. :-)

Unknown said...

Yes, I did see that on Attic 24!! How how beautiful! I bet you will get hooked... LOL!

Kim Walus said...

I was eyeing that crocheted strip granny blanket and wanted to make one too. How funny! We both have caught the crocheting bug. I just need to sit with someone who can show me how to make it. If you find any tutorial links on how to make that particular blanket then please let me know. Thanks.

Caro said...

I saw this on her blog and have also fallen in love with her granny square afghan. I want to try it as well. Good luck to you -- I can't wait to see what you find at the yarn shop!

Micki said...

It is a wonderful project! I may have to give it a go too. I am with you..I love to crochet, so I will have to find the time to do it.
Good luck!

Abby and Stephanie said...

I LOVE the candy store colors. I hope to get back to crocheting very soon.