Monday, December 21, 2009

Valentine Hangers

I've been playing with my Valentine fabric. May sound a little crazy with Christmas only a few days away.

A local quilt shop has asked me to teach an easy one hour class using Texture Magic for the spring schedule. The display will come out as soon as Christmas is over.

These coat hangers work up fast, and I can show how different stitches bring different texture.

I've increased the pattern a little, so I can cut two hangers out at a time.

And with the left overs, there was enough fabric to make some stuffed hearts.

The Valentine hangers will join this example. I'm not done playing yet. I have a few other color and layout ideas stewing in my brain, but they may have to wait until after the holiday is over.


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Gosh those are cute!!!

Material Mary said...

Love these little hangers. Great job Nedra!!

call me crazy said...

Oh they are cute! How fun to have those in your closet!

MaryEQuilter said...

Nedra - what a great project! Mary in MA

Amy Eileen Koester said...

Nedra those are cute, and a perfect project to show off TM!

wendiq said...

Because of you, I am a TM fan. These hanger covers are another great idea.....Pattern?

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Not too much for Christmas time really, these would make great gifts.

Micki said...

That is an awesome project. How cute that is!
Merry Christmas! Thanks for all of your inspiration!

Anonymous said...