Sunday, December 13, 2009

Diva Christmas Party/ Gift Exchange

After our luncheon yesterday, our Dixie Diva Christmas party moved into Ricci's livingroom where we met for our gift exchange.
We drew names last Christmas, so we had a year to think about our special Diva and what gifts she might enjoy. Our limit is $25, but there is no cap on creativity.

Margaret asked to go first. *That should have been our clue that something was up.

Very officially Margaret stood in front of our group and stated that she is beginning a new tradition for the Dixie Divas. She has created the "Diva Delight of The Year" award. One special person would be honored to carry the award with them for one year. It will be then be passed on to the next lucky Diva. We had a random drawing and Bev's name came up first.

One time I saw a bumper sticker that read "Put on your big girl panties and just deal with it".
Maybe this could be the new Diva mantra? (*I've put it before the Diva's for a a vote).

Hey, dress it up, dress it down. Add a ribbon or a pin. Who knows what this Diva Delight Award might look like at next year. I already have so many ideas when it's my turn. I know the award needs at least a few covered buttons.
The make- up came completely off as we laughed until tears rolled down our cheeks. Those Diva's!

Margaret was the first to give her gift to Melissa. We all tried to be polite as Melissa received this what is that thing exactly? The twine comes out of the fox mouth and then you use the scissor glasses to cut the desired length.
Margaret was up to her shenanegans again. This was a gag gift.

Margaret actually made Melissa a nice Christmas wall hanging.

Ricci works for Superior Threads and received a nice gift certificate. We love shopping there and you can never have enough Superior thread.

Pat made Bev a Christmas card holder.

The sides of each tree are open and cards can be tucked from the right and from the left.

Bev made Jan K. this wonderful bag to carry her quilts in. The fabric is often used for the outdoor furniture, and is slick. It makes quilts slide easily into the bag, and is also weather proof.

Verny's favorite holiday is Halloween. Jan K. made her this cute candle mat out of wool.

Jan K brought this show and tell. She took John Flynn's class when he was in town a few weeks ago.

I love her use of color.

Ricci drew my name this year, and handed me this large present.

As good girl friends go, she knows what I like.
Inside the jar was stacked with fat quarters of BUTTONISHY fabric. Yes, I will be in covered button heaven.

I can hardly wait to start playing with these.

Inside the jar was also a little box. When I opened it, I had to catch my breath. Ricci knows how I love pin toppers AND Millefiori. How she managed to find the two combined is amazing.
Thank you Ricci! I love, love, love my presents.
And Divas: You are the dearest friends ever and you make me laugh and laugh.


Carol said...

The Dixie Divas is absolutely the BEST group of are so lucky!

Janet said...

You had a great time there, I loved seeing the gifts. I enjoyed the last post with the baskets too, I made a couple of those but the cord's not easy to get here.

Joanna said...

Nedra, those panties had me literally laughing out loud! So funny! It sounds like you have a wonderful group of friends there:) And your presents are perfect for you! The pin toppers are gorgeous.

Cathie in UT said...

Makes me wish I was a Diva too...maybe a long distance Diva! LOL
I love your gift too and cant wait to see all your new buttons.

SandyQuilts said...

Oh I LOVE the pin toppers.

Merry Christmas

Marlene said...

You all obviously had a great day. I enjoyed seeing all the gifts and those knickers are something else!!

Dawn said...

Looks like the party was a success! Lots of fun things made and lots of fun things given! I love the pin toppers!

MAM said...

Great job of reporting..good photos, too! Hugs, Margaret

Marylh said...

Nedra - what a wonderful group of friends you have. I LOVE the big girl panties!!And the creative gift ideas are wonderful - I especially like the card holder. Mary

Sherri said...

You are all having too much fun!!! Sounds like a great time! Love the pin toppers!!!

Nanette Merrill said...

I laughed and even got a little catch in my throat as I imagined the joy and love passed between you gals. This is something we have all enjoyed in our groups- laugh and love. It came across in this post. So cute and fun.

Gayle said...

Wow Nedra - You guys have too much fun - there aught to be a law! LOL

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Oh what a great meeting of the Diva's! I love reading about your group Nedra, always so much fun, like those fabulous undies (my nickname is Mrs Undies cause my surname is Underhill)!! Love the fox with twine in his nose, and the card holder, actually love all of them. Your present is so perfectly you!! Fabulous! xo

Where in the world is Jefferson City, Missouri said...

The fox string holder was the greatest. I collect wall Pockets and a string holder is a very special Wall Pocket....So the girl that got it was very lucky....they are priceless in the wall pocket collecting world. Sounds like you gals had lots of fun......