Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Quilts/ Part 2

How do you store your seasonal quilts? I seem to have quilt stacks in various rooms of the house. Some I store in my master bedroom. Others are under a table in my sewing room. Some are even piled high above the cupboards in my laundry room. It's an illness I tell you, all these quilts! But they keep me happy and basically out of trouble, and fortunately Mr. Cactus supports my need to make one quilt after another....and another....and another....
I found another Christmas quilt today. One I had forgotten about because it was on the bottom of a pile.

This was from a kit I bought at Quilts Etc. in Sandy, Utah. The fabrics are from a line designed by Robyn Pandolph. My girlfriend Beth quilted it for me, and I love the holly designs throughout the quilt. She even put little holly leaves inside the stop borders.

This really isn't a Christmas quilt, but it feels like one to me because of the red and green. I purchased this before I myself started quilting. Amish vendors used to come to a convention center in Salt Lake City once a year and sell their wares. They brought piles and piles of the most beautiful quilts all hand done by the Amish women of Lancaster County. I would go and stare at their workmanship, enthralled by the perfection of their tiny, uniform stitches. I don't hand quilt, so I especially appreciate the skill level of these talented women.
This is a very traditional Amish pattern.


Material Mary said...

Nedra, I certainly love seeing your beautiful work on your quilts. I store all my quilts in pillowcases on the closet shelves. Because they are fabric, I just give them a good press when I bring them out to use.

Merry Christmas!!

flora said...

I love your blog. Thank you!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Ohio has a large Amish community and I love visiting and seeing their gorgeous quilts. I love your "non-Christmas" quilt, especially the holly quilting pattern. My quilts are stored in a variety of places...mostly in 2 closets.