Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gilbert Arizona Temple Open House

 We attended the Open House
for the 
As members of 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
we are so excited to live within a few miles
of this beautiful temple!
Construction began in 2010
and every time we have driven by the building site, 
we anticipated and looked forward to this day.
"At 85,000 square feet, the Gilbert Temple 
is the largest temple
the church has constructed in 17 years.
The temple's spire reaches 195 feet, 
making it the tallest building in Gilbert."
Temple Worship Focuses our Lives 
On Jesus Christ
The Open House runs through February 15th
Everyone is invited to attend
Each day about 20,000 people stand in line to view the interior.
The lines move fast, and were so well organized that we 
were only there
from beginning to end
 about an hour and a half.
Within the 5 week Open House event
they anticipate nearly half a million people will 
view this Temple.
 Camera's were not allowed inside, but
I was able to take a few exterior shots before entering.
Magnificent !
is the best word to describe.
Every inch was designed with great detail!
The Temple is the most sacred place 
on Earth
for members of our church
 The Angel Moroni sits on top of many of our temples.
What we learn in the temple gives
meaning and direction in our lives.
 The motif of the Agave plant,
native to Arizona
is used through out the temple
 "The Agave signifies the influence of one generation on another.
The agave's lower, older leaves create impressions on the upper leaves,
just as ancestors' legacies leave an impression on
the generation that follows."
We invited our friends The Hollands
to attend with us.
The weather was a perfect 75 degrees
with the Arizona sun shining brightly
in the midst of azure blue skies.
A very special day.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it looks really beautiful - I'm sure you will enjoy your new place of worship if this is the one you will be attending

Robin said...

The outside of the temple is amazing. I love the windows and the majesty of the architecture. What a blessing to have a temple so close by. We are serving a mission and one of the elders that was serving with us is from Gilbert and is so excited to see this temple in the spring when he returns. Thanks for sharing.