Monday, January 27, 2014

Basket Weave Quilt

 We drove home late last night from
Road To California 
What a wonderful experience.
So much to see and do!
I took a few moments here and there
away from our Vendor booth
to capture some of the beautiful quilts in the Show.
The bright colors and geometric designs of
Basket Weave II: See Saw
by Ann B. Feitelson 
Montague, MA
drew me in.
I am always curious of the process that goes on
in a quilters brain
as they develop a piece.
What visions and colors do they see in the creative process?
I appreciated how much Ann shared on her card
that accompanied this quilt.
 She wrote:
Five sequenced solids combine with five sequenced stripes or plaids
to make a group of 25.
The color groups are interwoven and
all of the baskets in a color group face one direction.
Directional shifts reveal the different color groups.
 Triangle shapes have reciprocal forces, pushing up and down,
like a See Saw, reversing and balancing.  
The title also refers to seeing and having seen,
the way vision shifts in every blink."
Category: Innovative Pieced
Design Basis: Makers Original Design
Based on Traditional Basket Block


em's scrapbag said...

That is so cool! Thanks for sharing the quilters comments.

Nat Palaskas said...

Enjoy all the pics of the show and quilts. Have a nice rest back home.

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

That is beautiful, and I loved reading about her description of the quilt. xo