Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Celestial Splendor Quilt

 Where do Quilters find their inspiration?
Often by viewing the shapes and images around us.
Celestial Splendor
62" X 62"
by Rachel Wetzler
St. Charles, IL
won 2nd place in the
Innovative Wall Category
Road To California
 "Celestial Splendor is based on the ceiling in the crossing tower
of Canterbury Cathedral,
one of the oldest and most famous structures in England.
 Rachel shared:
Canterbury was an important spiritual center ever since Augustine,
but it became a major pilgrimage destination
after the martyrdom of St. Thomas Becket in 1170
 The tower and ceiling were designed by English Gothic
architect John Wastell"
Rachel's fabulous use of color
and precision 
makes this quilt a masterpiece
in it's own right.
The original ceiling at Canterbury


Sara said...

This one takes my breath away! What an artist this quilter is!!

Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore said...

This is fantastic. I love how Rachael has used brighter fabrics to lift the original design.

Jana said...

Wow! And "only" 2nd place!!! Beautiful quilt!