Friday, February 8, 2013

Row 11 Sewing Spools

 Row 11 
Sewing Spools
from Bee In My Bonnet's 
was easy as can be.
 14 little spools 
came together
before my sewing machine
even had time to warm up.
 The centers represent the thread
wound on brown wooden spools.
This was by far, the quickest row to assemble yet.
 Lori mentioned that the spool part will end up much smaller
when the row is eventually sewn in to the quilt.
I tucked it under the row above 1/4th-inch
 just to visualize
the final effect.
All 11 Rows are laid out happily on the pool table
waiting for the clock to tick
in anticipation for the
    next reveal 
in 12 days
1 hour
6 minutes
13 seconds
10 milliseconds
8 microseconds
4 nanoseconds.
give or take a nanosecond :)


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

You will be glad to see the whole quilt done I bet - this one has been going on for awhile now.

Lynette said...

Fun! I would have liked to join in the play on this one. Yours looks really great. Love your fabrics.

•stephanie• said...

perfect as always!

you are definitely teacher's pet.
always keeping up on your assignments.
turning projects in on time.
getting an A+ on everything.

all i've got are excuses.
the dog ate my homework!

i'll catch up one of these days . . .

Material Mary said...

What fun Nedra...just finished up my spools this morning so we are both watching the clock and calendar on this one...

dream quilt create said...

I love your spools, I love the background fabrics you are using :) I finished mine last night and I agree. It was the fastest row yet!!

trish said...

Sew sew cute!! :0)