Monday, February 11, 2013

Hawaiian Quilts

 Would you like to go on a trip to Hawaii
with me for the next few days?
I realize time and $$ constraints
may prevent us from all boarding a plane together, 
but that should 
not stop us from visualizing
colorful images of 
Exotic Tropical Flowers 
like Plumeria, Hybiscus
or Kukui Blossoms
 Our guest host is
Annette Mahon
Author and Quilter
Annette recently visited the 
Nimble Thimbles Quilt Guild
and shared with us a history of
Hawaiian Quilts
and her journey
with needle and thread.
Many of you may be familiar with 
where she combines 
mysteries with quilts.
 As a native of Hilo
Annette spoke of the beginnings of quilting in Hawaii 
in the 1800's.
These indigenous snowflake type designs
require a skilled hand.
Most Hawaiian quilters
suggest a first attempt 
 should be the
Breadfruit Pattern
 Annette has made Hawaiian Quilts for 
over 35 years and her styles
vary from Traditional to Modern.
 Stunning table runners
 and beautiful batiks
 Annette hand quilts all of her quilts,
so many are still in the 
to be completed stages.
 A combination of style
using the
vintage colors in the
United States 1930's
 Traditionally, black was not to be used
in Hawaiian Quilts
due to superstitions surrounding the color.
 Now many Modern quilters
feel free to use black.
 And is it just me, or do you see
Valentines Day 
represented in this Hawaiian Quilt?
More on our trip to Hawaii
tomorrow with Annette!


Abby and Stephanie said...

Having lived in Hawaii for 3 years, prior to my quilting life, I did get to see some amazing handmade traditional Hawaiian Quilts. I felt a deep love instantly.

Lynette said...

Hey! I just blocked my little Hawaiian mini that I've been working on since last Julyish. Antsy for it to dry so I can put on the binding. It was fun seeing these on your post today.

Janet said...

Wow, what a fabulous collection. I'm in awe over a few of the blocks as they would take a very skilled hand to sew. Thanks for the visual delights.

Unknown said...

I love Hawaiian applique. You are so lucky to see these.

Dolores said...

Beautiful. Thank you for showing us these lovely quilts. I still don't like using black in a quilt. Besides, it's hard (on the eyes) to hand quilt. I prefer navy blue.

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Anonymous said...

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