Wednesday, October 10, 2012

String Block

No, I have not fallen off the edge of the planet.
Thank you for your patience and to all who have e-mailed me and asked if I was O.K.
Truly, with nearly every spare minute I have been typing, typing, typing away on my Family History project.
But, I have been quilting a little, and I've even taken pictures. 
I promise, I will share with you in the next few days some of the projects I have been working on.
 The first thing on my quilting "to do" list was to make a string block for the darling Amy (amylouwho) for our Bees Knees Quilting Bee
 Amy sent each of us a bag full of fabric strips, and the only request was that we place a white strip down the center and to make sure to include the purple fabric with the pink flowers, and the blue vine fabric in the block.
In order to make the block 12 1/2", Amy suggested that we use a piece of newspaper for our foundation.  Then we used a stitch and flip method to sew the strings down.
I used the comics on the back of the foundation, so Amy can have a good laugh while she is putting her blocks together.
 One more way to make quilting fun!
These blocks will eventually be placed together in a 4-corner formation.
But, to see how the final quilt turns out, you'll have to visit the wonderful amylouwho.
Don't you just LOVE her header?


Kris said...

What fabulous fabrics together!! That is going to be one wonderful block when you are done!!

Nat Palaskas said...

That newspaper backing is fun. Yes we missed you. Glad to see you back and can't wait for show and tell - Hugs Nat

Sherri said...

Oh, I love it! What a fun idea to use the comics!

Lori Holt said...

How fun to use the comics Nedra...the block is cute on the front and the back!
I love string blocks:)

Lois Evensen said...

What fun to use the funnies. :)

Needled Mom said...

That is going to look fabulous. I love string quilts.

em's scrapbag said...

Glad to hear your family research is going well.
Using the comics was a great idea for foundation.

Glenna @ Hollyhock Quilts said...

Great fabrics make a great quilt!

LynCC said...

What a great idea to use the newsprint (good-o with the comics, there!) D