Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bee In My Bonnet Row Along

I'm finally in!
When my good friend Lori Holt started her
Bee In My Bonnet Row Along
a month ago
(boy does time fly)
I had too many irons in the fire to start a new project.
Lori gently nudged me a few times through e-mails to join along because she knows how much I enjoy being part of her quilting world.
With my move to Arizona, we can't sit next to each other physically and sew much anymore, but
we can still share on line time together :)
Plus, I'm a Lori wanna be.
I love everything she creates,
and want to make everything she makes. 
So, I'm in.
Absolutely in.
 One of the most wonderful things about Lori's quilt alongs is that she gives such detailed tutorials.
The Row Along was created for the ladies in her church, and was specifically designed to teach technique to new quilters.
Row 1 comes with great instructions.
 Even though I've made a few quilts in my time, I admit I learned a really cool way to make 4-patch segments.
Now I want to make lots and lots of 4-patch segments.
If you haven't read Lori's instructions, you need to run over
and check it out.
Very cool.
Showing the long shot makes this filler row look veeerrry long.
In truth each square is only 2 1/2" with the row = 48 1/2"
The finished quilt will be twin size when completed.
This is a scrappy quilt, which is perfect for me, because as you know, I am all about using up my scraps right now.
Lori is giving instructions for each row every 2 weeks, and she just revealed Row 5.
Back to my machine!
I have some catching up to do!


Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Her design will sure be a great one I'm sure. I can't wait to see everyone's finish and see how it will really look!

trish said...

Yay!! I am so glad you are in! Your row looks so sweet. :o)

•stephanie• said...

i love those bright, happy fabrics.
and i can't wait to see your butterflies.