Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Lot of Little Starbursts

We are back from the wedding.
My camera was misplaced for a while, so I'll have to wait for the photographer's pictures to share with you.
It was wonderful to have all 5 of our children together for the first time in almost two years. Our son flew in from Manhattan, and we gathered from 3 different states.
Elizabeth and Ben looked so in love, and said it was their perfect day.

With all the traveling we have done in the last month, I've been away from my machine.
In the meantime, I've taken portable projects and crocheted a lot of dish cloth's as gifts for friends and family.
Free pattern: Little Starbursts is by Sarah C. of Blooming Patterns on All Free Crochet

I've made stacks of dish cloths, but will show you the latest few.
There are so many fun yarns out on the market right now.

Peaches & Creme comes in a wide variety of variegated and solid colors.
100% cotton worsted yarn

These dish cloth's are so practical in the kitchen.
The thick texture really does a great job wiping a counter clean.

In fact, I've become a little spoiled and have a hard time using the standard store bought dish cloth any more.

My daughter Aubrey is designing her kitchen in red and aqua right now, so I experimented with a two color combination.
A nice way to bring a little color into the room.


Stephanie said...

Crocheted dishcloths are the best!

Material Mary said...

Way to go Nedra,the dishcloths are great. Congratulations on your daughter's wedding!!

lifeinredshoes said...

Congratulations on the wedding, are you exhausted?
And I fully agree, once you've used a handmade dishcloth, nothing else will do!
I keep a basket of yarn and my hooks close by :)

Carol said...

Love those dishcloths...the colors in the first one are just beautiful! I'm so glad you had the perfect wedding weekend and got to see all of the kids together!