Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jewish Symbolic Quilts

When Ferne Zabezensky presented the history of Jewish quilting, not only did she bring over 100 fabrics with Jewish symbols, she also shared several quilts she has made representing her faith.

(Ferne on the right)
Anything with a 6 pointed star may represent the Star of David.
Ferne is a very prolific quilter and a good portion of her quilts have been given to family members.
Most are hand quilted.

Ferne often incorporates Jewish symbols within the hand quilting, too.

The traditional colors are blue, yellow and white.

Some of her quilts are still in the process of being hand quilted.

A break from the traditional with the use of batiks.

Ferne also shared with us some of the needle work pieces she has made.

I believe this is a bread cover used for Passover?

(Feel free to correct me with the appropriate name)


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

interesting-I never knew there was a Jewish quilt history! learn something new every day.

fiberchick said...

I love quilt history!

Quilting Corner said...

The bread cover is a Matzah cover. It has the symbols that are on the Sedar plate. Is Ferne's e-mail available. I would like to contact her.
Thanks so much
Etty Robinson