Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Amazing Lady Has A Birthday Today!

One of the nicest ladies you will ever want to meet has a BIRTHDAY TODAY!
Make sure to run over and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Who is this AMAZING lady you might ask?
Why it's our very own Lori of Bee In My Bonnet!
I count myself lucky to call Lori my friend.
Today I want to tell you a little bit about her, things you might know, and things you might not know.
When I think of Lori, I think of her love of family. She has heart warming stories to tell of being raised by wonderful parents in a small town in Utah. Most of her siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins still live nearby, and they are large part of her everyday life.
She has a love story with her EQUALLY AMAZING husband.
You can find out more about this part of their story on her Valentine post.
Lori doesn't like to talk much about herself.
She usually says "I like my work to speak for itself."
Her first fabric line Sew Cherry is just getting ready to hit the market.
Fabric line #2 is almost finished.
Did you know that Lori hand draws all of her images? No computer graphics here.

And of course you all must know what fabulous quilts she designs.
Make sure to go over to her blog and scroll through her large number of patterns available.
I stand in AWE.

When she is not designing fabrics or patterns, Lori is making cute things to be given to friends.
She is very generous with her time and talents.

And she always makes dozens and dozens of the same gift, so everyone gets a prize.

Another word to describe Lori is ORGANIZED.
When I have gone on retreats with her, she arrives with every project pre-cut, labeled and ready to go.
And she stays on task. I've never seen anyone accomplish as much as she does in just a few short days.
And I love that she always has such cute painted toe nails and finger nails that match all the cute quilts or projects she is always creating.

Did you know that she always presses with a 1930 antique iron?
She loves anything Vintage.
Lori is also a very good listener. If a friend has a problem, she is always there with comforting words and sage advice.

And the girl can SING!
Golden throat.
She has sung in a country western band, and I'm sure the church choir director is thrilled every time she walks in.
Well, there are a million things I could tell you about our Lori, but most of all I just want her to know she is loved and Appreciated.


Material Mary said...

I for one am so impressed with Lori, her blog, her talent, her abilities. I have not met her or even chatted, but I stand in awe.

Claudia said...

Lori is truly a sparkling gem! But then so are you! Claudia

Shannon said...

It sounds like you really love her. You are a great friend!!

Lori Holt said...

Awwww Nedra...thanks!
You must be the little birdie that told!...You know I don't like to talk about myself so you did it for me...LOL.
It was sew good to hear your voice this morning...thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes!

Rae Ann said...

Nedra~ What a beautiful tribute to Lori on her birthday. I sat here nodding my head as I read it and feeling so blessed that she is in our lives. I count myself lucky to call Lori my friend as well.
She is all that you said and more!
May I add... A "Fabulous" mom and a "Great" teacher!
Happy Birthday to one of our favorite girlers... LORI! Love you both!!!