Thursday, February 11, 2010

Church Quilt Day/ February

We had a great turn out this month for our church quilt day.

Everyone was busy working away on various projects.

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we have a humanitarian organization that requests volunteers to make projects that can be taken to countries in need.
Carol organized and provided our group with a sewing project.
One of the needs are wall hangings for orphanages.
So many willing hands.
Barbara brought her finished "Bloom'n Rags" by Tenderberry Stitches.

All washed and ready for one of her grand daughters.

Only 11 more to finish for the rest of her grand daughters!
And then Barbara plans on making 12 more boy themed rag quilts for her grandsons. What a wonderful grandmother.

Part of our group brought hand work.

Darby was knitting a washcloth.

Doris has been making these hats that are first knit, then felted down.
Cute Darby posed as our model to show Doris' wonderful hats.

This is Ann's knit hat. I have to tease Ann whenever I can.
Actually I am feeling a wide range of emotions when it comes to my dear friend Ann and her husband Roger. They have just sold their home and will be moving in the next few weeks to serve a mission for our church. I am happy (ecstatic, thrilled) for them and honor the service they will be giving.
But, I am also sad because I will miss them!

Carol was using this antique pincushion knit by her mother over 50 years ago.
*Marcy left a comment and asked if there was a pattern: sorry Marcy, you didn't leave an e-mail address to answer your question, so I'll answer it here. No, there isn't a pattern, since it was knitted by Carols mother (now passed) who made it many, many years ago.

It has a place in the middle for a thimble.

And Carol still sews with the same thimble her mother used.


Trisha said...

How wonderful to have a church quilt day. Are all of the ladies form you ward? Or from your stake?

Marcy said...

Is there a pattern for the pin cushion? Just love it.

Material Mary said...

Fun times with your sewing group. It is so fun to get together with the girls. Company makes the time go by faster and so very pleasantly.

Cathie in UT said...

You look like you all were having a lovely time and got much accomplished. My friend makes a crocheted version of the pincushion...but it is a bit taller...

Live Well With Judi said...

I Love that black hat! I want one so's the cutest thing EVER! Can't wait till tomorrow...see you soon.

Mel said...

Fun times! Love the pincushion with thimble holder!

Thanks for showing us what you all worked on!

Martha said...

Love your blog!! Did Barbara make her quilt out of flannel?