Saturday, November 28, 2009

Costa Vida

Our SIL owns the Costa Vida's in the Phoenix area, and when we are in town we must get our "Costa-Fix".
I love their food. How I wish there was a Costa Vida in St. George.

Everything is made fresh that day, and they pride themselves in cooking healthy.
I love everything on their menu, but I admit I do have a few favorites.
My #1 choice is their salads. Although today I had a fish taco and it was right up there in the "double yum" category.
They make the best chips and queso I've ever had. My SIL's family made some at home last night, and the party came to a complete stop while we all devoured huge bags of chips dipped in the hot cheese mixture. Even the small children stopped their running around, and plopped themselves down where ever they could find a place to have chips and queso.
My favorite dessert of all time is their flan. I sometimes sample other restaurants version of flan, and have so far not found any that even begin to compare.

Our son-in-law Daniel Dayton. We call him Dano because he is Daniel Dayton II.
Dano just opened the Costa Vida in Queen Creek this last year:
21152 E. Rittenhouse Rd. #102, QC, AZ 85242 (480) 888-7230

Isaak refers to his dad's restaurant as "Toasta Beeda".

Meanwhile at home, Dano and Amy are enjoying their new daughter who I am proud to announce only wakes up at night for a brief feedings and then go promptly back to sleep.
We are all IN LOVE.


Rae Ann said...

That food looks great! I have never eaten at a Costa Vida.
The baby is so adorable! Looking at her in the picture makes me want to hold her. I am sooo happy that you get to be there and have this special time with your daughter and her family. How Fun!!!

Material Mary said...

What a beautiful baby. Enjoy.

call me crazy said...

Oh that does look yummy! I love mex foods! And your granddaughter is adorable. What a sweet little bundle! :-)

MAM said...

Nedra...Good to get caught up with baby news and getting your satchels quilt done! Both are masterpieces...she's adorable. Have fun with your family! Bev and I had a fantastic time on our outing to Moab. See my blog for to have help on inserting pictures! Love, Margaret

Sherri said...

That baby is darling! Congratulations! Did you know there is a Costa Vida in Cedar City? You might have to run up there every once in a while!

Jana said...

You couldn't talk your son in law into moving to St. George to open up his restaurant???!!! That is good food---can't say we have one in this part of Wyoming either. :)

Nicole said...

Congrats on the new baby! She is adorable and your daughter and granddaughter are so lucky to have you there to take care of them. Have fun!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Aw congrats. I'm so glad it all went well. I know you've been on pins and needles. Well literally, but thats for quilting, ha. I'm sure she is really sweet and will be a welcome addition to the whole family.

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