Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Appliqued Circles with Texture Magic/ Tutorial

Here is a little tutorial to show you how easy it is to applique circles with Texture Magic.

I like to use Perfect Circles because I feel it helps me to have a nice crisp even edge around the outside of each circle.
First, for my project I decided to use the 2-inch circle, which is the largest size in the package.
Next, I went to my Texture Magic Conversion Chart to see what size I needed to cut my fabric and Texture Magic. For 2", the chart says 2 3/4". I knew I needed an extra 1/4th" to allow for a seam allowance around the circle, so I cut out 3" pieces.
This is a great way to use up all those little left over Texture Magic sections from previous projects.

Layer the Texture Magic to the back of a piece of fabric and stitch together. You can use any type of stitching you want. For this first circle, I did an easy stipple.
Apply steam to shrink the fabric. Now you are ready to cut out your circle.

Draw around the plastic circle and then cut out 1/4" from the drawn line.
With a needle and knotted thread, sew a running stitch around the outer seam allowance.

Place the plastic inside, pull the threads, and the seam will gather around the circle.

With a regular piece of fabric the instructions mention using spray sizing and a hot iron to keep the sides in place. I found out that with the Texture Magic I didn't need to use sizing. I could iron the sides and they held their shape perfectly.
*Remember: DO NOT TOUCH THE IRON TO THE TEXTURE MAGIC ( The heat will cause it go brittle). Just iron the outer edges in place, and pull out the plastic.

The circle is now ready to be appliqued to your background piece.

A regular circle looks nice, but adding Texture Magic makes these so much more interesting.
I love the extra dimension.
You can use a variety of stitches when applying Texture Magic to the back of your fabric. For this one I did a small grid.

On this one I followed the pattern of the fabric.
Texture Magic can be purchased at most local quilt stores or through Superior Threads web site.


Jackie said...

Okay, so how cute are they?? What about making them into covered buttons.

Material Mary said...

What a cool idea. I have the circles...I will have to try this sometime.

Dawn said...

Great tutorial. There are endless possibilities using TM. The circles are super cute!

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Perfect TM circles, love them and can see so many things made with these. Thank you Nedra.
Keep Stitchen'

twineball08 said...

Another great idea, Nedra. Thanks.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

They look like beautiful buttons.

amy smart said...

I love the circles!

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