Friday, February 27, 2009

Indian Dance

Last week when I was in Bryce my daughter Amy called me and asked if I would be interested in babysitting my two grandsons for a few days. They live in Arizona and I don't see them as often as I would like. Of course I said "Yes! yes!" Right there in my hotel room I started doing an Indian Dance. I haven't seen Isaak and Noah since Christmas, and I've missed them so much. How I love those two little boys.
Yesterday Mr. Cactus and I drove to Las Vegas to meet up with my daughter and son-in-law, and to transfer the boys into our car. Amy and Dano will spend a few vacation days in Vegas and then meet back at our house Saturday night.
Today the boys went on a walk with their "papa".

Isaak (age 3) is all about his papa. I think up in heaven they must have made some kind of pact. They even have the same facial expressions.

Noah (age 13 months) is a wonderful blend of his mother and father.
Noah just started walking and this is the first I've seen his attempts. He walks like he just got off a horse and could land on his fanny at any moment. Trying to get a picture of him was like trying to capture the wind. Run Grandma! Run!

I could just kiss their little faces off. Well, actually I have been.
Yesterday before we met up, Mr. Cactus and I had about an hour of free time in Las Vegas. I very nicely asked if just by chance we could drop by one of my favorite quilt stores called "Quiltique". (You know, like what else is there possibly to do in Las Vegas?) Mr. Cactus was a good sport, and even came inside with me.
Quiltique is located in Henderson, Nevada just outside of Las Vegas.

I had to purchase something before I left, even if it was just a few fat quarters. Just touching them makes me happy.
I won't be getting much quilting done in the next few days, but I will share with you pictures of my little guys.


Lurline said...

How wonderful for you - no wonder you can't stop kissing those little faces!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Sherri said...

Cute grandsons!!! Quiltique is a fun store as's near my son's orthodontist's I always try to sneak over there before or after his appointments!

Carrie said...

Nothing like grandkids to make a grandma happy! They are so handsome! Your Bryce retreat looked like fun. That's one of my favorite places to visit. Combined with quilting I bet it was a little bit of heaven!

Ann & Roger said...

I just have to leave a comment on your blog. Those little boys are real cuties - no wonder the grandparents are a little kiss-ee - kiss-ee. Enjoy I'm jealous.

Dawn said...

How fun to spend time with your grandkids!! I was just at Quiltique today!!

Material Mary said...

What a fun weekend. Cute grandkids and lovely fabric. I like that combination.

Debra Dixon said...

I would be nibbling on their cheeks too. . . .

Live Well With Judi said...

Oh my, those are the cutest faces in the world! And you got to go into Quiltque...I think you won the jackpot in Vegas my friend! I love the chicken block too. You know I'm coveting that quilt. Hugs

Nanette Merrill said...

How fun. Their little smiles are so cute!