Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dixie Diva February Night Meeting

Last night was our Dixie Diva February Night meeting at Jan J's. Jan has an amazing home and it's always fun to go to her house and visit with the other Diva's. Usually at our night meetings we take hand work and bring the latest finished quilts for show and tell.

Jan had this Valentine Heart framed and sitting on her kitchen table.
She made this in a class with Sally Collins, which means this heart probably took all day, and she counted every thread before stitching.
Margaret brought a partially done quilt from a class she took in Cedar City. The pattern is called "Terra Cotta Tiles" by Mary Ellen Hopkins.

Margaret made this Radiant Feathered Star. She does her own machine quilting tool.

Another Show Pin Quilt made by Margaret also.
There are 81 blocks, which means it can display quite a few pins.
This is Margaret's Dixie Diva Block Exchange quilt. Look how fun hers turned out in the red, yellow and green colors.
We are going to hold all of ours up together Saturday at our guild meeting.
This is Margaret's back. I told her it looks a lot like a very nice table cloth.
Here is Margaret's focus fabric for the block exchange. We all played with these colors as we worked on her quilt.

More from Margaret! This lady is so prolific it can make you dizzy!
This Valentine quilt is a 1/2 snowball where you put on two corners instead of 4. Depending on how you turn the block decides whether you get an "X" or an "O".

I love the fun Valentine fabrics that she used.

Verny brought her Spiral Lone Star from a class she took from Ricci.

Verny also brought her completed Dixie Diva Block Exchange Quilt. Look how wonderful the brights look set against the black sashings.

Jan J. made a black and white 1/2 Log Cabin quilt.

Pat is still working away hand quilting her amazing appliqued quilt. I watched her hands move like lightning and still make perfect little stitches.

And last of all I wanted to show you the cute lights Jan J. has in her kitchen. Don't they look like Beehives that should be in Nanette's (of Freda's Hive) kitchen?


Sherri said...

Your Dixie Diva group makes beautiful quilts...I always love seeing them.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Great quilts. I LOVE the feathered star.

Lady of the Cloth said...

Love that Spiral star, do you know if it is a pattern that is available?

Joanna said...

So many talented quilters in your group! I am in love with those lights - I would definitely have them in my home! And yes Nanette needs to get some asap lol!!

Nanette Merrill said...

Those divas rock.

Debra Dixon said...

Very Pretty Quilts!

Micki said...

I loved everything,but the star was deinitely my favorite.

Eileen said...

Wow. Your evenings of quilt showing make my head spin! That spiral texas star is amazing.

Dawn said...

I love everything!! Thanks for sharing.

Browndirtcottage said...

OH NEDRA....this really was almost more than I could handle....just speechless at the beauty!

Butterfly said...

Love you Dixie Diva group all the quilts are awesome. really like the "Terra Cotta Tiles" by Mary Ellen Hopkins do you know where the pattern comes from?

Patchmaker said...

I love your quilts (especially your banner quilt) and your group's quilts. Congratulations on your Doctor of Threadology!