Sunday, October 12, 2008

Made me think

I heard this story at church and it made me think about being more compassionate when I observe a person having a lot of struggles.

"A man, traveling through the country, came to a large city, very rich and splendid; he looked at it and said to his guide, 'This must be a very righteous people, for I can only see but one little devil in this great city.'
"The guide replied, 'You do not understand, sir; this city is so perfectly given up to wickedness, corruption, degradation and abomination of every kind that it only requires one devil to keep them all in subjection.'
"Traveling on a little further he came to a rugged path and saw an old man trying to get up the hill side, surrounded by seven great, big, course looking devils.
"'Why,' says the traveller, 'this must be a tremendously wicked old man, only see how many devils there are around him!'
"'This,' replied the guide, 'is the only righteous man in the country and there are seven of the biggest devils trying to turn him out of his path and they all cannot do it.'"
(Deseret News 11 Nov. 1857 by George A. Smith)


Cathie in UT said...

Makes me wonder how big my devil is?
Thanks for reminding me of that story

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing that story...truly does make one think.