Friday, October 10, 2008

Be The Pig

I went to Ricci's house today. On the floor of her sewing room she had a chew toy for her dog "Lizzie". Ricci kept looking at her dog and saying the words "Be the Pig". It took me a few minutes, but I finally caught on.

I've never seen a dog try to be like it's chew toy before, have you? I wonder what would happen if Ricci gave her a pretzel toy?

Isn't she the cutest dog?
Back to the reason I was at Ricci's. As I have mentioned I am making a quilt with over 60 baskets, each made from a different Kaffe Fassett fabric. I don't have that much variety in my stash, so I went over to Ricci's to raid her stash of Kaffe's. Pulled everything out of her basket and made a real mess. I even offered to help put things back but I knew she had a "system" to make everything look perfect.
First she starts with a board that is the exact size of her basket

She then folds the fabric around the board to keep the pile in uniform sizes.

I was wondering how she gets them all back in the basket neat and tidy. Voila! She tips the basket on end and puts the next piece on top. (OK, I have a few organizational skills but I don't think I would have come up with this one on my own.) Does everyone know how to do this but me?

Then she tips the basket right side up and it's ready to slide into the proper place inside her cupboard. When she had finished refolding her Kaffe's, Ricci sighed and said "This basket makes me happy." Don't they all look beautiful together?

For show and tell Ricci just finished this quilt as a Christmas present for a family member.

This one was just finished for a class she will be teaching.
Love those Kaffe's.

I know I've shown you Ricci's sewing room, but today I'm going to show you some of her fall quilts, and decorations. Every time I go to her house I'm ready to move in. Her home is so comfortable and she has many creative ideas in presentation.

This little doll is attached to her lamp.

A pear table runner made out of hand dyed wools.

A quilt in their guest bedroom.

Fall quilts.


Di~ said...

Awesome stuff there, tell Ricci she's got some great quilts. I especially love the three pumpkins with the purplish border. Very fine! Thanks for showing!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Beautiful fall quilts Ricci has but the fabric folding system caught my attention. Oh dear I'd get a grade of F for my fabric storage.

Nanette Merrill said...

Between both you and Ricci I'd say there is a lot of cleverness. If that is even a word. The dog is so cute, too. I am excited for February. We'll have lots of fun sewing.

Eileen said...

ooo.. I always love the Kaffe Fassett quilts.. you show some of the prettiest ones!