Monday, June 1, 2015

A Note to Pauline of Melbourne, Australia

Pauline has left a new comment on your post "Scrappy Crossroads Quilt":

This quilt is absolutely divine - I think I am going to make one soon. I love the turquoise - can you tell me where I might find this brand, I will be visiting the USA in July and will be in Arizona and California. I am familiar with a few quilt stores from past visits - not sure if you can recommend any in Phoenix or Scottsdale, or did you purchase this online? And finally - did you end up quilting this, am curious to know how it looked? Thanks, Pauline, Melbourne, Australia

Pauline, you came up as a "No Reply" so I will answer you here:



I purchased the turquoise background quite a few months ago from 3 Dudes Quilting in Phoenix Arizona.

 It’s a solid called America Made Brand


I know they still carry solids in this line, but not sure if they will have the turquoise.  You might want to give them a call.


No, I haven’t quilted my Scrappy Crossroads yet.  I have been traveling quite a bit the last few months with work, and it still sits on a hanger in my closet…waiting.  Hopefully this summer I will get to it!  I am not very experienced as a machine quilter, so this will be a learning process for me. (I think that is why I have put it off somewhat)


The pattern was designed by my friend Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet.  She has a new book out “Vintage Farm Girl”, and I’m am just starting to make some projects from this fun book.  While you are here, you might want to give it a look. I know ETC and Quilters Oasis (both in Mesa AZ) carry her book and fabrics.


I’m sorry you will have to experience Arizona in July.  It will be very hot!  Winters are absolutely beautiful, but summers are a killer. If you travel up in the mountains of Arizona, it will have nice temps.  California will be wonderful this time of year. 


Have a safe and wonderful trip.  Best of luck with your quilting projects.



Pauline said...

Hi Nedra
Thanks for your reply - I have updated my profile so my email is included. I know the feeling with work getting in the way of quilting however it pays for the fabric - just ;-)

As it is now winter here and the past few days have been cold by our standards - we are looking forward to some blasting heat in Arizona. We love Phoenix and Scottsdale so we are looking forward to our visit despite the heat. As fabric is much cheaper in the USA I am always keen when I visit to stock up - I will visit 3 Dudes, and also know a few others in LA and Palm Springs which are also on our trails.

I really do love your Scrappy Crossroads Quilt - I love your use of turquoise and can't wait to do one similar with the same turquoise. I am familiar with Lori Holt and follow her blog and see many of the creations that have hit the online quilting world via Instagram, blogs and Pinterest.

Thanks again and be sure to post your quilt again once you have quilted it.
Best wishes

Mary said...

Your quilt is wonderful. Love scrappy.

Dondi M said...

Nedra, are you on a mission? I tried to email you, but it came back as 'undeliverable'. I hoped nothing horrible had happened. I so loved your blog. I looked today for the first time in few months. I wish you the best wherever you are! You always sound so upbeat.

Nedra said...

Hi Linda! Wonderful to hear from you. I know Fat Quarter Shop carries Lori's book. Your local quilt store might have it also, or can at least order it for you. I hope all is well at your house, too :)

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