Thursday, October 16, 2014

Candy Corn Snack Mix

 Tomorrow is a big day for us :)
Our oldest daughter is to be married !!
We have many family members and friends
 pouring in from Out of State for the happy event.
My happy happy 
is that all 5 of my children will be together.
And of course, I am most happy for 
Aubrey and Kevin
who are a perfect match.
I have plenty of food on hand to feed the crowds,
and made this Halloween Snack Mix
that can just sit out in the kitchen for whoever wants a little treat.
I've even left a spoon in the bowl
to make it easier to grab a bite or two.
 Kind of addictive
Candy corn, cereal, and nuts all mixed together with a sweet coating.
 The original recipe called for coconut
but I opted to omit because I have family members who are allergic.
Instead I threw in a few cups of Cheerios
and it turned out fine.
 As you can see 
half the bowl is gone already.
I think we have a new Halloween favorite.
From start to finish, it took less than a 1/2 hour to assemble.
The original recipe is from
Yummy Healthy Easy
and can be found 


Brenda DeBord said...

Looks good, think I will try it.

em's scrapbag said...

What a fun all treat!