Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ideas for Hanging Quilts On Doors

 My friend Denise
has created 
some very ingenious ways
to hang quilts
on the doors in her home.
A great use of space
that is often unused.
During her Home Tour
Denise wanted to be able to showcase
her Christmas quilts
and invented a
hanging system
that was easy to install
and will be easy to remove.
 I thought her idea was brilliant!
 Denise went to her local 
Home Improvement Store
(like Home Depot)
and had them cut PVC pipe into 
24 Inch lengths.
She threaded simple cording
through both ends of the pipe...
 ...and then stapled the cording to the top of the door.
This thin cording allows the door to be shut,
and doesn't leave marks.
 Affordable too!
I was thinking this would be a good idea
for apartment dwellers
who work within limited space
and want a temporary display option.
 Denise always has so many
wonderful organizational ideas.
door hooks
and large open end hangers
that are sturdy enough to hold
the weight
large quilts.
Each section can hold a
multiple of quilts.
 A great way to be able to visually see our handiwork.
So much better than simply folding our quilts
 at the the ends of beds
or tucking them away in closets.
Quilts are made to be seen and enjoyed!
Thank you Denise for sharing your
ideas with us.
I came home inspired!


dream quilt create said...

What a great idea, thanks for sharing it!

Lynette said...

Yes, thanks for sharing! Love the PVC door hanger.