Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Brother Lives In A Redwood Forest

My brother lives
in a Redwood forest
deep on a mountain side
near the ocean
in Northern California
John Steinbeck wrote that
"No one has successfully painted
or photographed 
the redwood trees.
The feelings they produce
are not transferable."
 Often ranging in height 
from 250 - 300 feet tall,
these giant
Redwoods are known as the largest trees in the world.
 Yesterday we hiked 
Henry Cowell Redwood State Park
with only the
sound of the creek and rustling of leaves underfoot.
 We carried in a picnic lunch and dined
by the Historic Lime Kilns
built in the 1870's
 During their peak,
this forest was a busy area 
providing lime to make 
mortar and plaster for construction.
Local lime was in great demand 
while San Francisco was 
being rebuilt
after the 1906 Earthquake
 But now, all is quiet,
and serene.