Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kaffe Book Signing

 Last night was 
Pre-View night
for International Quilt Festival
From 5-10 pm, the public
could enter in on a special ticket.
The first two hours are just
for Special VIP Entrants.
My big moment was to look
2 booth spaces down
and see 
Kaffe Fassett and
Liza Prior Lucy
at a book signing.

I am a BIG
Kaffe fan.
The only fabrics I collect
Kaffe Fabrics.
In fact, during our little break
in between Market and Festival
I sewed in my hotel room
making a quilt
with Kaffes :)
With Halloween
both Kaffe and Liza wore
big Spiders on their heads.
 Another BIG moment:
After the signing, as
Kaffe and Brandon walked down aisle
they paused at our booth
and commented on how much they liked
my Indian Blanket quilt
(the one hanging under our sign)
Kaffe noticed my quilt!
Big Moment!
Niser Holland's 
* Day Trip ( with Flying Geese to the left)
is made with Kaffe fabrics.
 We have been traveling a lot the last few months
with quilt conventions
and another part that I have loved is reconnecting with friends.
Heather Purcell (Mother Superior)
of Superior Threads has been at the shows in 
San Jose, and then here in Houston
and we have been visiting each others booths.
I used to work for Superior Threads
when we lived in St. George,
and it's been so nice to catch up
and find out the happenings back home.
 It's been pouring rain the last few days here in Houston
but it hasn't discouraged the shoppers.
These ladies stopped by our booth
and were ready to 
Look at these bags!
The fabric reps have left after Market
and new and wonderful booths have been set up for Festival.
 Pat purchased this cute vintage lamp
for our spot right before the doors opened.
It's a good thing I spend most of my time in our 
booth, or my $$$ could be in trouble.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

what a cute lamp! would you believe Kaffe fabrics are one that I do not have and never have had - don't know why just never had. I almost got to a lecture/trunk show from him though before the Houston Market he was in Arkansas for a very brief visit and I was going to go to it with my friend Nancy (my daughters MIL) but she died before we purchased our tickets and I didn't have the heart to go to it without her.
So nice that he noticed your quilt!

fiberchick said...

Am loving your Festival recaps. Of course Kaffe Fassett noticed your "Indian Blanket" quilt. It is fantastic!!!

em's scrapbag said...

So cool Kafee noticed and liked your quilt. What an honor. Love the lamp btw.

Cardygirl said...

Wow...they liked your quilt!

Nat Palaskas said...

Wow what an exciting moment for you. Would that be a hoot if Kaffe make a quilt like yours! I love Kaffe's fabric too - Enjoy the rest of the Fest...

Truffle queen said...

What a CUTE lamp - I think there's a meat grinder in my basement! Kaffe Fassett's "ghost piecer", Sally, was at our guild this week! She had a great presentation - and tales of Kaffe! What a thrill to have him notice your quilt!

Kelli Fannin said...

I love all of your updates!! Old friends.. quilt gazing.. shopping.. quilty heroes.. What a great time !! I LOVE your Indian Blanket quilt too and how exciting for him to compliment it!!