Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Scraps Have Feelings Too

Emily Bailey, from Em's Scrapbag recently asked me to be part of Scrap Happy Summer where each Wednesday she features a guest to answer questions about  their Scrap Quilts.  Today is my day! 
Thanks Emily for the invite.  Here are my answers to Emily's questions:
Butterflies Are Free
For the last two years, I have challenged myself to "Use What I Have" from my stash, rather than go out and buy new fabric. It's been a creative process on several levels, from finding patterns that fit within my goal, to looking at my scraps with a new perspective.
What do you consider a scrap? What's to big/small?
I save just about everything bigger than 1-inch wide. I now look at those small pieces of fabric for their future use as "color".
I've noticed there are two types of scrap quilts. One is more like a Potpourri where any color will do, as seen in my Mumbo Gumbo quilt below.
Fabric is used in terms of "value", separating lights from darks. 
The other type of Scrap quilt is where that piece of fabric is used for it's "color". For example, a block might be done in bits of blue, or a combination of lights can be used as a strata background. My Modern Baby Chevron is an example of this second type of scrap quilt.

Do you prefer big projects or little ones when using your scraps? Or do you use a combo?
I used to mainly focus on making larger quilts, because I had a strong desire to minimize my stash pile.
How do you keep your scraps form taking over your sewing area?
I have boxes near my cutting table where I toss my scraps, separated by color. One thing I have really noticed is how much my taste in fabrics have changed over the years. I went through my stash and identified a lot of fabrics that were no longer "me" and donated them to my guild. It felt good knowing they would be used for charity projects, or appreciated by a new owner. At the price of fabrics, I used to think I had to hold onto everything, even though it sat hidden in boxes. I've learned to not be afraid to 'destash' even with my scraps. They can be happy in a new loving home!
Farmer's Wife Quilt Along
Any tips you would offer others when using scraps?
Bring them out to play often. They can get lonely sitting all by themselves, tucked away in a box or bag in the back of a closet. Scraps Have Feelings Too :) 
To read more of Emily's posts on Scrap Happy Summer, make sure to visit her blog HERE


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

good blog post! I need to use up more of all my pieces!

Julierose said...

Oh I love that "Butterflies Are Free" piece you made; it is stunning!! hugs, Julierose

em's scrapbag said...

Thanks for being part of Scrap Happy Summer. I enjoyed your answers and may have to try your challenge.

Helen in the UK said...

Love that butterfly quilt! I did a similar challenge for myself a couple of years ago and made 20 small quilts for donation :)

Lynette said...

Your scrap quilts are absolutely gorgeous, Nedra. I save all my scraps - one day I'm going to have a BLAST with them. :)