Monday, May 20, 2013

Marrakech Elephant Embroidery

 A few months ago
the very talented
Danny Heyen (Mommy For Reals)
brought this darling
Elephant pillow
that she had embroidered.
All of us at the 
Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild
fell in love with it,
and asked her if she would come and
teach a hand embroidery workshop.
 Saturday we gathered to
learn several stitches
that make this 
Marrakesh Elephant
practically come alive.
 The art of embroidering on 
quilt fabric is becoming increasingly popular.
 Danny did a great job as a teacher!
She was well prepared
 brought samples
drew diagrams
and gave individual help.
 And the room was packed!
The Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild 
is really growing!
 Danny started us out by providing
a section of fabric
Karavan line
This is an older fabric that is harder to find
and almost out of print.
Danny found it at
She said she had to 
"kill a lot of elephants to get one good section to work with"
 We were fortunate because Danny provided us 
with kits,
complete with floss 
generously donated by DMC
 I've done some embroidering in the past,
but learned some new techniques that were very helpful.
My favorite part was learning the 
seen here on the gold curly sections.
I find hand work 
very relaxing and look forward 
to spending some time with my 
Marrakesh Elephant
Thanks for a 
GREAT workshop Danny!


Janet said...

Embroidery on quilting fabric is taking off here a bit too. I love the cushion a whole lot, what a great class.

Nat Palaskas said...

The Marrakesh Elephant is calling me here. Embroidery and quilting go together beautifully - Love this post - Hugs Nat

Kris said...

Oh, wow, Nedra - now I want to make sure I get this right - - the elephant is a already on the fabric and then you embellish it with the embroidery?? It's fantastic!!

fiberchick said...

What a fantastic technique!

Cynthia said...

I'm jealous! The embroidered elephant is gorgeous. I love hand embroidery too!

Cindy said...

I started hand embroidery years ago with my grandmother and her sisters! I love it and spent many hours with needle and floss.
This is a beautiful piece--I would love to see embroidery come back! Bring it on!