Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild Is Now Official

is now official!
Months in the planning.
Many late night hours spent by board members
in making decisions and 
getting organized.
But ,we are now up and running!
All of the effort was well worth it, 
 Saturday was our first month
where members were required to pay dues.
Our boards positions are filled,
and we have a list of wonderful things planned 
for 2013
Bonnie made (yes, made herself!) 
and decorated
this cake in celebration.
After the business part  of the meeting 
was completed 
we followed up with 
Show and Tell
I am so impressed with
the amount of talent
in this group.
Many in our group are young moms 
who, I predict will become the top leaders 
in the industry.
Danny Heyen (Mommy For Reals)
is just one example.
Below are just a few of the things
she has made in the last few weeks.
 I love this pillow she made
where she hand embroidered
on top of quilt fabric.
 I took several up close shots where you can see the details of her creativity.
 I want to try this method, too,
and will be looking at quilt fabrics with a new perspective.
 Everyone has been smitten with making
Scrappy Trips Around The World.
 Love Danny's fabric choices.
 She also completed a wedding gift for a friend
out of her Folksy Flannel Stash,
and another quilt for her home.
Danny will be leading the PMQG
in our Bee's this year.
Lucky us,
because she has a wealth
of experience in this area
as she leads
the online group
More tomorrow on Show and Tell 
from other PMQG members.


dream quilt create said...

Congratulations on your new guild! That elephant pillow is a beautiful masterpiece!

antique quilter said...

that elephant pillow is beautiful and I bet she had fun making it! fun cake, congrats on the start of a new guild
some great quilt tops

Lynette said...

Fun new guild! I just love that elephant pillow. It reminds me of things I saw in India when I was a child. :)

Lois Evensen said...

How fun to share what you love with others with the same interests. :)

Glenna @ Hollyhock Quilts said...

Good for you all!! I can tell we're going to see some great stuff. I really want some cake!!

Danny Heyen said...

You're so sweet to share all these pictures! Thank you!